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  1. Logic and Reason Aesthetics Ethics Epistemology Metaphysics Existentialism 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

  2. 100 This famous philosopher is known as the “father of logic” Who is Aristotle?

  3. 200 A common human occurrence, this limits a person’s ability to reason effectively What is emotion?

  4. 300 Known as top-down, this type of reasoning begins with a conclusion and moves towards supporting facts What is Deductive?

  5. 400 Known as bottom up, this type of reasoning begins with supporting facts and moves towards a conclusion What is Inductive?

  6. 500 Definition, Testimony, Comparison, Relationship and Circumstance are all examples of these categories of evidence put forth by Aristotle What are the Common Topics?

  7. 100 Romeo and Juliet’s love would be an example of this term for “love without reason” What is Irrational Love?

  8. 200 10 Things I Hate About You or The Taming of the Shrew illustrate this “reason based” type of love What is Rational Love?

  9. 300 People who believe that there is a definitive right and wrong when assessing beauty and art take a view that is referred to as this What is Objective?

  10. 400 People who believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder when judging art take a view that is referred to as this What is Subjective?

  11. 500 Aristotle asserted that Eros, Philos and Agape are all different examples of this What are the Three Types of Love?

  12. 100 This area of ethics is comprised of various theories put forth to determine what is right and what is wrong What is Normative Ethics?

  13. 200 • Taken from the Greek word meaning “duty” this ethical theory believes the morality of an action is grounded by some form of authority independent of the consequences that such actions generate What is deontological?

  14. 300 • Also know as consequentialism, this ethical theory states that morality or immorality of an act is the function solely of the consequences of that act What is Teleological?

  15. 400 This ethical theory put forth by Jeremy Bentham asserts that the proper course of action is the one that maximizes happiness and reducing suffering for the greatest number. What is Utilitarianism?

  16. 500 Otherwise know as “universal law”, this ethical theory put forth by Immanuel Kant states that a moral action must be valuable in itself, not valuable for what it produces What is the Categorical Imperative?

  17. 100 Defined as knowledge that can be obtained through the process of thinking and understanding What is Rationalism?

  18. 200 Defined as knowledge that can be obtained through sensory experience What is Empiricism?

  19. 300 Known as __________, this form of knowledge cannot include opinion of bias and bust be justified using factual evidence. What is Genuine Knowledge?

  20. 400 Described by Plato in his “Allegory of the Cave”, the world where perfect examples exist untarnished by the changes and imperfections of the visible world What is the World of Forms/Being?

  21. 500 Explained in his composition Meditations, Descartes contemplates this theory that asserts that his reality could all be an illusion created by some unknown mastermind What is the Great Deceiver?

  22. 100 This metaphysical theory asserts that all of reality consist of one universal/essential substance What is Monist?

  23. 200 This philosopher identified the “Four Causes of Creation” as material cause, efficient cause, formal cause and final cause Who is Aristotle?

  24. 300 Aristotle’s explanation of the process of change in the world where by nature and humans move from imperfection to perfection What are potentiality and actuality?

  25. 400 Defined as the self contained actuality or “end” of anything What is entelechy?

  26. 500 The is presocratic philosopher was a pluralist who believed that the essential substance of nature was made of atoms Who is Democritus?

  27. 100 This philosopher is was considered an atheist and one of the fathers of Existentialism Who is Jean Paul Sartre?

  28. 200 This criticism put forth by Soren Kierkegaard asserts that people can be so inclined to following others to the extent of neglecting one’s own significance What is Herd Mentality?

  29. 300 Defined as an “overman” or person who does not allow oneself to be manipulated by any outside force What is ubermensch?

  30. 400 When one recognizes their anxiety about their own existence, what it is and where it comes from they are experiencing this stage of the existential process. What is an existential moment?

  31. 500 This was described by Viktor Frankl as “the quest of man to find and fulfill meaning and purpose in life” What is the will to meaning?