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the pilgrims of canterbury tales n.
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The Pilgrims of Canterbury Tales PowerPoint Presentation
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The Pilgrims of Canterbury Tales

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The Pilgrims of Canterbury Tales
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The Pilgrims of Canterbury Tales

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  1. The Pilgrims of Canterbury Tales

  2. Tabard Inn Harry Bailey, the host, is usually found at the )Tabard Inn in Suffolk.

  3. Thomas á Becket The name of the martyr, to whose shrine they are going, is Thomas á Becket.

  4. Geoffrey Chaucer Chaucer, the narrator/poet, describes the following:

  5. Cook This character, renowned for his white sauce, has a nasty wound on his knee. He is Cook.

  6. Guildsman: Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpetmaker, Carpenter, Weaver The cook travels with five Guildsmenwhose wives hope for high status. Name at least two of his employers on the pilgrimage: Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpetmaker, and Carpenter, Weaver.

  7. Lawyer The Lawyerliked to seem busier than he was and to know every detail of his profession.

  8. Knight, Squire The only father and son pair could not be more different. Father is earnest and the epitome of his kind. His son is frivolous and fancy. They are, respectively Knight and Squire.

  9. Franklin If you want a fine meal, good wine, and merriment, you would be wise to head for the sanguine Franklin’shouse.

  10. Nun, Madam Eglantyne Known as the Nun, her vanity shows in her artificial manners and high forehead. She travels with at least one priest, perhaps three. Her name is Madam Eglantyne.

  11. Skipper If he catches you at sea, this fellow might have you walk the plank: Skipper.

  12. Yeoman His gear is always sharp and clean. His face is like a nut; he’s dressed in green. He is the backbone of England, our Yeoman.

  13. Oxford Cleric Every teacher aspires to be like the skin and bones Oxford Cleric whose motto is that he would gladly learn and gladly teach.

  14. Parson, Plowman No hypocrites, these two brothers live lives secular and clerical that are models. They are the Plowman and the Parson.

  15. Monk This bell-wearing hunter is a bit of a glutton (eating a swan all by himself). He should be in a cloister, but this Monkis on a pilgrimage.

  16. Merchant His tall beaver hat probably helped some in Chaucer’s circle identify the Merchant, who seemed to be more prosperous than he really was.

  17. Doctor This fellow liked gold and trusted astrology and humours: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. He is Doctor.

  18. Wife of Bath This business woman had a gap tooth, traveled far, and had five husbands. Call her the Wife of Bath.

  19. Pardoner A self-appointed churchman, he’d sell you a relic and give you a counterfeit pardon. With hair like golden, shiny rat-tails, he is Pardoner.

  20. Friar While he should be helping the poor, he is more likely to be courting girls and visiting the wealthy. He is the Friar.

  21. Miller This large and bawdy fellow, with a hairy wart on his nose, weighs his thumb with the grain and leads the pilgrims by playing his bagpipes: Miller.

  22. Summoner The )Summonerwould stand out in a crowd because of his complexion and smell of garlic and onion.

  23. Manciple The Manciplewas a frugal man and appeared smarter than all the lawyers for whom he bought groceries.

  24. Reeve This choleric fellow hates the one with the wart on his nose (Miller), so he comes along last: Reeve.