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President Jimmy Carter (1976-1980) PowerPoint Presentation
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President Jimmy Carter (1976-1980)

President Jimmy Carter (1976-1980)

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President Jimmy Carter (1976-1980)

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  1. President Jimmy Carter (1976-1980)

  2. An “Outsider” becomes President • Former peanut farmer and governor of Georgia • Deeply religious and “down home” • Gained support of Christian fundamentalists and Americans fed up with dirty politics of the 60s and 70s • Appointed many more women and minorities than previous administrations • No congressional ties and found it difficult to get legislation passed • Congress feared increasing national debt through new programs while the 70s economy was so poor

  3. Problems Facing Carter • Describe and evaluate the problems of high inflation and high oil prices on the presidency of Jimmy Carter. • How would the two above problems spell doom for his presidency? • How did Carter try to ease the pain of increased gas prices? • How did Congress help?

  4. Events of Carter’s Presidency Camp David Accords • Israel and Arab nations had continuous fighting in the Middle East since 1948 • 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany—Palestinians Liberation Organization (PLO) captured and killed members of Israel’s team

  5. Egypt’s President Anwar el-Sadat and Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin were invited to Camp David in Sept. 1978 • Camp David Accords—Israel agreed to withdraw from former Arab lands; Egypt agreed to officially recognize the country of Israel • 1979 Sadat and Begin shared the Nobel Prize for Peace

  6. The Effects of the Camp David Accords • Prime Minister Begin did dismantle Israeli settlements in the Sinai peninsula, but retained all other Jewish settlements • Carter pressured Begin to release more land for the Palestinians; Begin refused • Anwar Sadat (Egypt) was assassinated in 1981 by Islamic Fundamentalists who thought he gave in to Israel • Conflict reemerges in Israel and Lebanon and has continued

  7. Soviet-American Relations • Carter supported Soviet dissidents who spoke out against the Soviet gov’t and violations of human rights in Eastern Europe • Angered the Soviets • Late in 1979, the SU invaded Afghanistan to support a communist coup d’etat of gov’t • Looking for access to the Persian Gulf, rich with oil • Carter halted American grain shipments to the Soviet Union • Carter Doctrine—U.S. would protect its interests in the Persian Gulf

  8. Carter imposed a boycott on the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow • 60 other nations joined the boycott • Began massive U.S. arms buildup that will continue throughout the 1980s • Economy was still hurting, but Carter increased military spending and added to national debt • Détente was dead and the Cold War was heating up

  9. Iran Hostage Crisis • What caused the situation? • What happened? • How did Carter respond? • What was the result of the hostage crisis?

  10. The 1970s Summary • Create a three part summary describing the political, economical, and social atmosphere of the 1970s. • Put it in the idea of what is something important to remember about the 1970s. • 3 paragraphs with a minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph