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  2. Design & analysis core • This core is to support projects that foster improved delivery of healthcare to patients served by the LSU Hospitals and Clinics. • FUNCTIONS:-Generation of ideas and tests of hypotheses using data from the LSU Hospitals and Clinics as well as those requiring collection of new data • -Consultation on the design of clinical outcomes and other related projects with provision of statistical analysis of data generated by these LSU ICON projects • -Consultation and support for design and analysis of LSU ICON projects involving behavioral factors and/or behavioral modification

  3. DESIGN & ANALYSIS CORE • Core leader – Elizabeth (Terry) Fontham, LSU SPH-New Orleans • Epidemiologists Behavioral Scientists • Baton Rouge New OrleansNew Orleans • Gang Hu, Lead Tekedah Ferguson Sarah Moody-Thomas – Sr. • Stephanie Broyles TBN Epidemiologist Tung-Sung Tseng • Biostatisticians Other • Baton Rouge New Orleans TBN Medical Health Economist • Bill Johnson – Sr. Don Mercante – Sr. 4 Grad. Assistants/Post Docs • Meghan Brashear Quingzhao Yu • Hongmei Han

  4. Design & analysis core • The specialists in the Design & Analysis Core represent a broad array of disciplines and health outcome interests. These include, but are not limited to: • clinical trials design and analysis; analysis of correlated data; mixed effects linear and non-linear models for repeated measures; logistic regression for categorical outcomes and Cox regression models for time-to-event outcomes; development, implementation and evaluation of prevention and control interventions; chemoprevention interventions; evaluation of screening tests; evaluation of disparities in health outcomes; understanding and controlling for potential confounders in all study designs; health risk factors including tobacco, diet, alcohol, obesity, inadequate physical activity and impacts on major chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension

  5. Design & analysis core • All requests for design & analysis core services should be made through Dr. Terry Fontham ( Assignment of core specialists will be based on area of expertise needed for a project existing workload, location convenience, and other. • Completion of the Core services Request Form • Many projects will require interactive consultation between the investigator and the Medical Informatics Core (what variables are currently available and which are not) and the Design & Analysis Core (clarify the question to be addressed, project design, determination of need for collection of new data,or record linkages, sample size estimation, statistical methods and data analysis, and other services as needed)