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Disclosure Statement:

Disclosure Statement:

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Disclosure Statement:

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  1. Disclosure Statement: The information contained in this presentation does not provide information in whole or in part related to non-FDA approved uses for drug products and/or devices. Presenter has no financial interest in any of the products or classes of products mentioned in this presentation. No corporate payments or gifts have been received regarding this presentation

  2. Lead Hazard Control Assistance Program • Veronica D’Alessandro • Lorraine Nietos • NJ Department of Community Affairs • Program Development Specialist • (609) 777-0516

  3. Role of Division of Community Resources • The Division has been a front runner in helping to achieve the State’s goals of controlling lead-based paint hazards in housing & eliminating childhood lead poisoning. • We have successfully designed, developed, funded and administered programs to control lead-based paint hazards in NJ’s hardest hit communities.


  5. WHY? • Last year about 1,190 children in NJ ingested dangerous amounts of lead • And over 465 of them ingested enough lead to be poisoned

  6. Sources of Lead In 1978 lead was banned from household paint NJ has 3.3 million housing units • 77% were built before 1978 • 30% were built before 1950

  7. Sources of Lead • Lead-based Paint • Pottery

  8. Sources of Lead • Occupation • Home Remedies

  9. Lead Hazard Control Assistance Program Components • Lead Education and Outreach (LEO) • Lead education activities • Dust Wipe Kits • Loan application assistance • LHCA Loan Program • Emergency Lead Relocation Program • ELPR • REEL

  10. Lead Education/Outreach and Training - Website • – website features basic information about lead-based paint, alerts and recalls, assistance in selecting a lead-based paint abatement contractor and information and applications for financial assistance

  11. Southern Region Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative, Inc. 2500 McClellan Ave Suite 250 Pennsauken, NJ 08109 Phone 856-665-6000 Contacts: Merle Weitz Donna Bordner Central Region Monmouth County Health Department 3435 HWY 9 Freehold, NJ 07728 Phone: (732) 431-7456 or (732) 683-8509 Contacts: Jeryl Krutel Karen Demarco Help Near YouLead Education and Outreach (LEO) Program Grantees 2008

  12. Northern Region Northern NJ Maternal & Child Health Consortium 17 Arcadian Ave Paramus, NJ 07652 Phone: (201) 843-7400 Contact: Catherin Klinger: Help Near YouLead Education and Outreach (LEO) Program Grantees 2008

  13. Provides low interest deferred payment loans to property owners for the control of lead-based paint hazards Provisions for forgiveness for owner-occupied, 1-4 family, low income Minimum loan - $5,000 per unit Maximum - $150,000 per unit Lead Hazard Control Assistance (LHCA) Program – What does it do?

  14. Owners of residential dwellings constructed prior to 1978 Dwelling must have a lead-based paint, dust or soil hazard Taxes, water and sewer assessments must be paid current Must be insured Owner must have some equity Lead Hazard Control Assistance (LHCA) Program – Who is eligible?

  15. Lead hazard control through abatement or interim control Relocation of occupants during the performance of the lead hazard control work Correction of causative factors (building conditions which contribute to the deterioration of lead-based paint such as a leaking roof, leaking plumbing) LHCA Program – Eligible Loan Activities

  16. Combined Inspection/Risk Assessment Moisture infiltration assessment – causative factors Dust reservoir assessment Full Lead evaluation report Scope of work for lead hazard control Scope of work for causative factors LHCA Program – No cost services if loan is made

  17. The cost of title and escrow services will be paid by DCA to the Borrower in the form of a grant when those costs are for necessary and reasonable costs such as: Loan closing services Title search Title insurance Escrow and disbursement of loan funds LHCA Program – Grants to Borrowers

  18. LHCA Program – Application Process Contact your regional Lead Education and Outreach (LEO) Grantees for assistance in completing the application.

  19. LHCA Loan Program Before After

  20. Provides financial assistance to the head of household to relocate a qualifying child Assistance is in the form of a grant to tenants Owners are eligible for a deferred payment low interest loan – min $5,000 Low-income owner-occupants in 1-4 family dwelling may qualify for forgiveness Emergency Lead Poisoning Relocation (ELPR) Program - What does it do?

  21. Household with a child under the age of 6 With an Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Level (EIBLL) Notice of Violation Abatement Order issued by the Local Health Department on primary residence ELPR Program – Who is Eligible?

  22. Temporary or permanent relocation of the qualifying child and the members of his/her household Eligible temp costs include: hotel, shelter, temporary rental, per diem, moving, storage, travel, or can be a flat fee of $1,400 ELPR Program What can the money be used for?

  23. Eligible permanent costs: application fees, finders fees, security deposit, rent and rent subsidies A household may require both temporary and permanent relocation ELPR Program – What can the money be used for?

  24. Same as ELPR REEL Program – Eligible Costs and Application Process

  25. Question/Answer Lead Hazard Control Assistance Program 1(877) DCA –LEAD - (877) 322-5323