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Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Nathaniel Hawthorne. Biography. Photo of Old State House, 1870, from the Bostonian Society. Place of birth. Salem, MA. Date of birth. July 4, 1804. Date of death. May 19, 1864. Plymouth, NH. Place of death. Burial location. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, MA.

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nathaniel hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne


Photo of Old State House, 1870, from the Bostonian Society

place of birth
Place of birth
  • Salem, MA

Date of birth

  • July 4, 1804
date of death
Date of death
  • May 19, 1864
  • Plymouth, NH

Place of death

Burial location

  • Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, MA
interesting facts about childhood
Interesting facts about childhood
  • Father, sailor, died when Hawthorne was four
  • Family lived in poverty
  • Mother found money for tuition to Bowdoin College (Maine)
marriage family
Marriage & Family
  • Married Sophia Peabody, neighbor
place s where this author lived include dates and explain how each place influenced them
Place(s) where this author lived. Include dates and explain how each place influenced them.
  • Salem, MA; childhood; ancestors were Puritans
  • Maine – both in childhood and college
  • Boston 1839-40 – worked there; Custom House found in The Scarlet Letter.
  • Brook Farm Utopian Community, 1841-1842 - transcendentalists
  • Concord, MA 1842-1853; with wife
  • England 1853-1860
  • Concord, MA 1860-1864
how did this author become inspired to write
How did this author become inspired to write?
  • Inspired by Puritan ancestors like John Hathorne who was judge at the Salem witch trials. Led to Hawthorne’s focus on Puritans.
  • “Custom House” inspired by revenge
  • Inspired in college (Bowdoin)
where applicable explain any obstacles this writer faced
Where applicable, explain any obstacles this writer faced
  • Death of father
  • Poverty in childhood
  • Difficulty selling first book
  • String of political appointments (jobs) that he lost due to changes in power of political parties
  • Illness in later life prevented finishing work
how successful was this author during his her lifetime
How successful was this author during his/her lifetime?
  • The Scarlet Letter sold 4,000 copies in the first ten days
  • The House of the Seven Gables also popular
  • Still needed to have a non-writing job – like working in the Custom House or as the American consul in England
If the author wasn’t successful or popular at the time of their death, explain how and why they are still well known today
  • N/A
why is this author considered influential
Why is this author considered influential?
  • Classic examples of romances (imaginative fiction deals with its subjects and characters in a symbolic, imaginative, and nonrealistic way)
  • Novels and short stories delved into human nature, especially sin and guilt
  • His psychological fiction inspired Herman Melville and William Faulkner
identify five 5 characteristics of this author and give specific examples
Identify five (5) characteristics of this author and give specific examples
  • Shy – comments from Henry James
  • Insightful/intelligent – understood human psychology
  • History buff – inspired by historical events and people
  • Well-connected – political appointments
  • Vengeful – “Custom House”