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PLACE MEDIA IMAGE HERE. Speed . In this movie scene the driver is being chased by the villain and causes a major accident by hitting on coming vehicles . )

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In this movie scene the driver is being chased by the villain and causes a major accident by hitting on coming vehicles.)

Charlie’s Angel. Director Joseph McGinty Nichol. Cast. Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu. Columbia Pictures. 2000. Film.




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Friction: Friction is a force of objects in relative motions rubbing against each other.In this photo you see the the example of friction simply when the wheels on the car touches the pavement. Due to tire traction. The Friction b/w the tires and the surface allows your car to accelerate, slow down and navigate turns and corners.

Speed: Speed is when we measure how fast something is going no matter the direction. In this photo you see the car is no longer on the pavement and has hydroplane into the air, over the moving vehicles, bypassing them due the speed of the vehicle, it now has increasing velocity with a positive acceleration b/c the car is moving in a certain direction and at a faster speed.

Projectiles: Projectiles. Is objects that only have friction and weight forces applied to them. In this photo, you can see that the moving car has causes a collision and items are being launched into the air due to the force that was applied to them during the collision. Now only friction and weight will determine which direction it lands. The speed that it hits the ground with will not determine where it lands, but the force at which it landed caused friction and that friction caused heat and the heat.