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Cult Television

Cult Television

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Cult Television

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  1. ENGL 6650/7650: Special Topics in Popular Culture Cult Television Spring 2011 Room: PH 308 Day/Time: Tuesday, 600-900 pm Cult Television

  2. 4/5/11 | Week 11 Cult TV Series of the Week: Supernatural Required Reading: Peirse, ECTVR 260 Recommended Reading: TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural (RCD) Special Topics/Readings: Mainstream Cult—Hills (TCTVB 67); Members Only: Cult TV from Margins to Mainstream—Angelini & Booy (19)1 Cult Television

  3. Stacey Abbott Cult Television

  4. Eric Kripke (US, Supernatural)

  5. Eric Kripke, RIP Murdered in “The French Mistake” (Supernatural, February 25, 2011) Cult Television

  6. “Two Minutes to Midnight” (5.21) Cult Television

  7. Death: You have an inflated sense of your importance. To a thing like me, a thing like you. . . . Think how you'd feel if a bacterium sat at your table and tried to get smart. This is one little planet in one tiny solar system in a galaxy that's barely out of its diapers. I'm old, Dean, very old. So I invite you to contemplate what if any significance I find in you. Eat! Dean: I got to ask, how old are you? Death: As old as God—maybe older. Neither of us can remember any more. Life, death, chicken, egg, regardless, at the end I'll reap him too. Dean: God? You will reap God? Death: Oh yes. God will die too, Dean. Dean: This is way above my pay-grade. Cult Television

  8. Cult Television

  9. Cult Television

  10. Cult Television

  11. Cult Television

  12. TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural Edited by Stacey Abbott and David Lavery Table of Contents Introduction: Then: The Road So Far—Stacey Abbott “What’s the lore say?” Exploring Folklore & Religion 1 Erin Giannini —“There’s Nothing More Dangerous Than Some A-Hole who Thinks He is on a Holy Mission”: Using and (Dis)-Abusing Religious and Economic Authority on Supernatural 2 Jutta Wimmier and Lisa Kienzl —“I am an Angel of the Lord”: An Inquiry into the Christian Nature of Supernatural’s Heavenly Delegates 3 Mikel Koven and Gunnella Thorgeirsdottir —Televisual Folklore: Rescuing Supernatural from the Fakelore Realm “Jerk . . . Bitch”: Representations of Gender and Sexuality 4 Lorrie Palmer —The Road to Lordsburg: Rural Masculinity in Supernatural 5 Bronwen Calvert —Angels, Demons, and Damsels in Distress: The Representation of Women in Supernatural 6 Darren Elliott-Smith [not included] —“Go Be Gay for the Poor, Dead Intern”: Conversion Fantasies and Queer Anxieties in Supernatural Cult Television

  13. Table of Contents “Bon Jovi rocks . . . on occasion”: Comedy and Music 7 Stacey Abbott —Rabbits’ Feet and Spleen Juice: The Comic Strategies of TV Horror 8 Stan Beeler —Two Greasers and a Muscle Car: Music and Character Development in Supernatural The Gospel According to Chuck: Narrative and Storytelling in Supernatural 9 James Francis —“That’s So Gay”: Camp, Drag, and the Power of Storytelling in Supernatural 10 David Simmons —“There’s a Ton of Lore on Unicorns too”: Postmodernist Micro-Narratives and Supernatural 11 Alberto N. García —Breaking the Mirror: Metafictional Strategies in Supernatural Cult Television

  14. Table of Contents Skin Mags and Shaving Cream: Sam and Dean on the Fringes of Time and Place 12 Lorna Jowett —Purgatory with Color TV: Motel Rooms as Liminal Zones in Supernatural 13 Aaron C. Burnell —Rebels, Rogues, and Sworn Brothers: Supernatural and the Shift in “White Trash” from Monster to Hero 14 Simon Brown —Renegades and Wayward Sons: Supernatural and the 70s Cruel Capricious Gods: Auteurs, Fans, Critics 15 Brigid Cherry —Sympathy for the Fangirl: Becky Rosen, Fan Identity, and Interactivity in Supernatural 16 Karen Petruska —Crossing Over: Network Transition, Critical Reception and Supernatural Longevity 17 Laura Felschow —Plagiarism or Props: Homage to Neil Gaiman in Eric Kripke’s Supernatural Cult Television

  15. Table of Contents Epilogue David Lavery —The Chapter at the End of This Book: The Road Ahead Back Pages Appendices —A. Episode Guide (by Stephanie Graves) —B. The Supernatural Cast Notes Bibliography TV/Filmography Cult Television

  16. Dramatis Personae Cult Television

  17. The Winchesters Cult Television

  18. Played by: Jensen Ackles Cult Television

  19. Cult Television

  20. Played by: Jared Padalecki Cult Television

  21. Played by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matthew Cohen Cult Television

  22. Played by: Samantha Smith, Amy Gumenick Cult Television

  23. The Hunters Cult Television

  24. Played by: Jim Beaver Cult Television

  25. Played by: Samantha Ferris Cult Television

  26. Played by: Alona Tal Cult Television

  27. Played by: Traci Dinwiddie Cult Television

  28. Played by: Mitch Pileggi Cult Television

  29. Played by: Steven Williams Cult Television

  30. The Demons Cult Television

  31. Played by: Mark Pellegrino, and Jared Padalecki Cult Television

  32. Played by: Frederich Lehne, etc. Cult Television

  33. Played by: Kate Cassidy, Genevieve Cortese Cult Television

  34. Played by: Mark Rolston, Christopher Heyerdahl Cult Television

  35. Played by: Mark Sheppard Cult Television

  36. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Cult Television

  37. Played by: Julian Richings—See Death walk the streets of Chicago. Cult Television

  38. Played by: James Otis Cult Television

  39. Played by: Titus Welliver Cult Television

  40. Played by: Matt Frewer Cult Television

  41. The Angels Cult Television

  42. Played by: Misha Collins—see his first meeting with Dean and Bobby Cult Television

  43. Played by: Richard Speight, Jr. Cult Television

  44. Played by: Julie McNiven Cult Television

  45. Played by: Kurt Fuller Cult Television

  46. Played by: Sebastian Roché Cult Television

  47. Played by: Demore Barnes, Lanette Ware Cult Television

  48. Played by: Carlos Sanz Cult Television

  49. The Supernaturalverse Cult Television

  50. Cult Television