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  1. CULT Culture Upholding Local Tourism

  2. CULT partnership structure COMUNITA’ MONTANA ALTO BASENTO(Basilicata) as LPTMESTO JICIN (Hradec Kralove) as PT

  3. BackgroundCULT sub-project is the logical consequence of: • the activity developed during the last years from PIT Alto Basento (as leader and manager in IP in Basento-Camastra area); • the experience developed in Leader II and Leader Plus communitarian initiatives

  4. CULT strategyIdentification and definition of a territorial integrated governance model(Tourist Cultural Cluster - TCC)

  5. promoting local development strategies • based on the new ways of enhancement and enjoyment of cultural heritage (networking and experience approach); • focused on communication, promotion, operators’ training and positive actions for the development of small entrepreneurship; • to be transferred, applied and assimilated by every context which is interested in carrying out a governance in IP to be effective, efficient, sustainable and valid in terms of quality, looking to 2007-2013 programming period.

  6. CULT concept:Local development has to be upholded by culture ,

  7. CULT scope Realization of a trans-national analysis of territorial integrated governance models, which, by feasibility studies, study-visits, exchange of experiences and good practices between CM Alto Basento and Mesto Jicin, identifies virtuous strategies aiming at strengthening the communication capabilities of territories as well as alocal hospitality system competitiveness and appeal.

  8. CULT proposal core The creation of a network including in a systemic and integrated design the heritage resources and the activities offered by the territory, supporting local actors’ participation.

  9. networking the important environmental, rural, historical and cultural resources of the territory, widening, qualifying and specializing the tourist areas according to innovative models, improving the accommodation facilities, organizing cultural events focusing on new solutions of entertainment, communication and management of cultural resources (edutainment and infotainment).

  10. CULT objectives • conceiving and projecting of a model of territorial widespread heritage resources management; • networking of operators acting in the field of accommodation facilities; • identification of interventions for economic growth, training, support and transfer of good practices in integrated tourism development, whose target group is, above all, the small entrepreneurship; • evaluation of the sustainability of such an approach (model) for 2007-2013 programming period and of its application procedures (structural funds), paying attention especially to ECEC project (the topic of Jicin’s feasibility study); • setting up of a model based on local actors’ involvement and participation aiming at promoting public-private partnership.

  11. CULT components, activities and outputs • Organization of 2 meeting between partners; • Organization of 2 study-visists and exchange of experiences between partners COMPONENT 1 Management and Coordination Responsible partner: CM Alto Basento

  12. CULT components, activities and outputs • Realization of 2 feasibility studies (one per partner) COMPONENT 2 Feasibility Studies Responsible partner: Mesto Jicin

  13. CULT components, activities and outputs • Realization of a website; • Realization of 10 newsletters; • Realization of tools for the meetings between partners. COMPONENT 3 Information and promotion Responsible partner: CM Alto Basento

  14. CULT expected results The activity of exchange and transfer of innovative approaches in IP will contribute to the process of accumulation of experiences and capacity building in IP, making an effort to define a model of innovative and integrated territorial management and governance system and being an element supporting a quality change in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of local partnerships in sustainable local development investments.

  15. CULT expected results Last but not least, the trans-national partnership animating the sub-project will be an input for the building-up of a long-lasting cooperation strategy also in future (2007-2013 programming period).

  16. Thank you for your attention CULT contact person: Arch. Aldo Corrado Comunità Montana Alto Basento Via Maestri del Lavoro 85100 Potenza Tel. + 39 0971 499219 Fax. + 39 0971 499233