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Salon Capes Much More Than You Thought PowerPoint Presentation
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Salon Capes Much More Than You Thought

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Salon Capes Much More Than You Thought - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Salon Capes – Much More

Than You Thought!

If you’re not sure about where to start in terms of selecting the right kind of capes for your salon then

you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a professional salon owner or just someone starting out in

hair styling, learning about the entire process can be a little difficult. There are several different aspects to

keep in mind when you’re starting out. You need to consider aspects starting right from cutting hair and

styling to the entire cleanup process. Everyone knows how much more difficult wet hair can make the

process of cleaning up after you are done styling your client’s hair. Additionally, there are other factors

that play a major role in cleanliness such as shampooing and dyeing, which can definitely cause a major

mess if not taken care of properly.

Trendy, stylish salon capes are one way to get the ball rolling. Such hair capes are usually large coverings

worn by your clients and are usually light in weight. Their sole purpose is to provide you and your client

with an experience without hassles. The use of such a cape ensures that your client’s clothes remain dry

and clean and free from the falling hair when cutting or styling. Moreover, it also prevents clothes and

skin from getting stained when carrying out coloring or dyeing of hair. This makes the job a lot easier for

the barber, hairdresser or hair stylist and certainly keeps your clients happy. They no longer have to worry

about getting wet or their clothes getting stained or even the hassle of getting out wet hair stuck to their


It also helps if your customized salon capes are designed to be machine washable. This makes it much

easier to clean them as well as maintain them to enable them to last longer. While some can be washed

using the gentle cycle on a machine, there are others that can be washed with a wet sponge or cloth. There


are certain capes made using special fabrics that help them remain stain proof as well as bleach proof.

These salon capes are extremely useful when carrying out chemical treatments for hair coloring and hair

dyeing. Some of them may even be chemical resistant making them very versatile in nature. If you really

want to explore your options, you could also consider using capes with anti-static coating. This prevents

dirt and short hairs from sticking to the cape, which makes cleaning them a whole lot easier and also

improves hygiene.

Some capes have a seam at the back where the two ends meet. This opening can sometimes cause strands

of hair and color to fall through, which then causes inconvenience to customers by staining their clothes

and skin. Capes designed to have draping that goes all around prevent this from happening and are more

secure due to the fastening at the front as opposed to the conventional way of tying it at the back of the

client’s neck. When seeking to buy chemical capes, there are a number of aspects you need to keep in

mind. If you need help with designing customized barber capes, Capes by Sheena is just the place for you.

They have got a diverse range of apparel for your salon that can be customized according to your taste.

For more information, visit now at