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More than you know…. PowerPoint Presentation
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More than you know….

More than you know….

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More than you know….

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  1. More than you know…. Germans and their impact on our society Herr Reierstad Fall 2011

  2. You may not think Germans have much to do with our society today. However, we owe a lot of what is America and American to the Germans. For example, 1 out of every 6 Americans traces some of their ancestry back to Germany (the largest single ethnic group!) The Germans

  3. It might be hard to list all of the things/people we can thank Germany for, but I’ll try. Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock is ½ German! Leonardo DiCaprio is 1/8 German! Oh yeah? What else?

  4. Of course not! Let’s indulge your sweet tooth. You can thank Germanic people for these: Candy corn Hershey’s kisses Gummi bears PEZ That all?

  5. For these other foods we can thank Germany: Pretzels Ketchup (Heinz), that is! Hamburgers Bratwurst Hot dogs (Frankfurters) Smuckers products gingerbread But that might ruin your appetite….

  6. These dog breeds originated in Germanic countries: Rottweiler Dachshund Doberman Weimeraner St. Bernard Mann’s best friend

  7. These German creations: Levi’s jeans Adidas tennis shoes Puma tennis shoes Birkenstock sandals + shoes And where would style be without

  8. BMW Mercedes-Benz (actually the first ever car) Volkswagen Audi Porsche And of course……

  9. To make it simple- money! Germany has the world’s 4th largest economy Germany is also the world’s 2nd leading exporter German is the language of business in Europe Germany does a lot of business worldwide. Knowing German can open doors for you. Okay, but why should I learn German?

  10. More than 120 million people speak German worldwide. It is the 2nd most popular language in Europe and Japan, after English. The world is getting smaller. Knowing German increases your chances of getting a job in many other countries. Expand your horizons

  11. Science! German is a good language for those going into scientific fields 4 of the world’s 10 most innovative companies are located in Germany Germany exports more high-tech products than any other country except the U.S. Knowing German could help you get a foot in the door with one of the above companies She blinded me with

  12. Ok…they’re coming here! More than 1 million German tourists come to the U.S. every year The companies that can reach them first get the Euros The Florida Journal and Florida Sun Magazin are both published in German to attract German tourists 91 billion Euros is a lot of money (they spent that on international travel in 2007) Maybe I don’t wanna go there…

  13. Germany has a very large presence on the Net. The German country domain .de is second in size only to the extension .com There are 8 million German Internet domains They’re only a click away; get to know them! The Internet

  14. In 2010, Bloomberg Business Week listed Vienna, Austria as the #1 place in the world to live (based on the Mercer Quality of Life Index) 6 of the top 10 cities were in German-speaking countries (10 were in the top 50) A lot of great places to live for people with German connections! Vienna, Austria Zurich, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland Vancouver, Canada/ Auckland, NZ (tie) Dusseldorf, Germany Frankfurt, Germany/ Munich, Germany (tie) Bern, Switzerland Sydney, Australia Berlin, Germany Luxemburg (country) Hamburg, Germany Stuttgart, Germany Honolulu, Hawaii Great places to stay

  15. You might recognize a few of these names. They’ve contributed a little to the world: Johann w.v. Goethe Friedrich Schiller W.A. Mozart Ludwig v. Beethoven Johannes Brahms Richard Wagner Friedrich Nietzsche Immanuel Kant Johann Strauss Richard Wagner Carl Gustav Jung Sigmund Freud Alois Alzheimer Henry Heimlich Learning about these people expands your knowledge of the world! A rich past

  16. Every year, students participate in exchange programs in Germany Also, tens of thousands of students are able to study at German universities, where there is little or no tuition As an exchange student in Germany, I paid approximately $50 a semester for tuition, and ~$150 a month for room & board (food was extra, though…) Finally, wanna save some money?