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Canless Air Duster

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There are two types of computer air duster. One is canned and other is canless. Canless is better than canned air, because it does not harm the environment and no need to prove age to buy it. Another important advantage is you buy it once and you have it forever.

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Canless Air Duster

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do you know air duster what

Do you know air duster? What is the use of air duster? Or want to have a good Canless Air System which is eco-friendly? Air duster is equipment used for cleaning or dust out electronic and other sensitive devices such as computers, laptops that can’t be cleaned using water or your hands.

O2 Hurricane Canned Air Alternative system is an excellent alternative to the traditional or normal canned air which is unique, easy-to-use and reasonably priced. It is durable and eco-friendly and brags up the more continuous supply of power than its canned competitors. This Caneless Air System is nontoxic.

while working on canless air 02 hurricane system

While working on Canless Air 02 Hurricane system, you only have to press it to burst out air and should be kept straight. It can move sideways, upside down and well-equipped to revolve at an angle compared to other traditional air dusters to reach areas that are needed for power cleaning. Chances of instant fire, frostbite or suffocation are almost non-existent. It dusts off not only electron devices but also electrometers and plastics.

canned air is actually not air but toxic

Canned air is actually not air but toxic materials such as Hydro fluorocarbons and Difluoroethane. These are hazardous gases that are compressed into the liquid and canned. That may cause flash fire, frostbite and a great deal of suffocation when released to the environment.

This is really fun to be getting used to these Hurricane dusters which are capable of removing contaminants, dust particles and even fur from non-reachable areas. It is great to use in workstations, computers, mouse, cups, keyboards, printers etc.

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