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T oothbrushes

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T oothbrushes
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T oothbrushes

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  1. Toothbrushes

  2. The interesting thing is that in 3000 BC toothbrushes where invented. Toothbrushes where first used in China by monks and caught on in England. William Addis came up with the toothbrush for England but inthe Ming Dynasty Emperor Honshu made the bristled toothbrush. The beginning

  3. Chinese monks used horse tails and attached them to an ox’s bone and used that to brush their teeth. When William Addis got the idea of the toothbrush he was rich so he sold them himself. The first toothbrush was made out of chew sticks, tree twigs, bird feathers, animal bones, and porcupine quills. How it was made

  4. There are different types of toothbrushes. There are electric toothbrushes, chewable toothbrushes, and variations of standard toothbrushes. Different types of toothbrushes

  5. Most people brush their teeth in the morning and at night to keep their teeth clean. Some people clean their teeth in the afternoon and morning and at night. Toothbrushes are used often. It caught on in the army because when soldiers went to war they needed to clean their teeth so they wouldn’t get gingivitis and cavities. When are they used

  6. It was invented because people needed a way to stop getting cavities and so their breath would be minty fresh. Would you want to have dirty teeth that are rotting? I wouldn’t, because it would hurt to bite on something you want to eat. Why it was invented

  7. Did you now that the toothbrush caught on in England, France, Germany, and Japan in 1840. The first patient who used a toothbrush is a guy named H.N Wadsworth on November 24,1857. The toothbrush was chosen the #1 invention in 2008. Some toothbrushes were used by famous explorers like Napoleon Bonaparte. Funfacts

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