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JANE AUSTEN. BIOGRAPHY Life and books. Index:. Introduction Life and beginning Intertextuality Critics Novels and early stories . Introduction. Jane Austen is one of the most important writers of the literature of England. Introduction.

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jane austen



Life and books

  • Introduction
  • Life and beginning
  • Intertextuality
  • Critics
  • Novels and early stories
  • Jane Austen is one

of the most important

writers of the literature of


  • She used to sign her books with this mention: By a lady.

She was concern of the situation of the women in her age...

  • Jane Austen lived isolated from the literary world; she didn’t know any other author, and only a few of her readers knew her real name. I can’t think in any other author who might had lived like she did.
life and beginning
Life and beginning
  • She was born in 1775 in Steventon (Engl).
  • She belonged to a gentry family; Austen had six brothers and one sister who, like Jane, died unmarried.
  • At the age of 12, she began writing for her family’s amusement.
  • She learnt all the things that a lady should know in her days.
pride and prejudice
Pride and Prejudice
  • This is probably the most famous novel of Jane Austen.
  • It tells the story of the Bennet family when Mr. Bingley, a young, handsome gentleman, arrives in Netherfield with his sisters and a very dear friend of him, Mr. Darcy.
  • At the beginning, Mr Darcy is admired by the ladies, but later they make sense that he is proud and that he doesn’t like to be with inferior people.
Soon, the story between Mr Darcy and Miss Bennet will began with hatred and little by little he will admit that he is in love with her, although she does not know that she is also in love with him.
  • The way that she ridiculed Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice, when he starts reading to her cousins a manual destined to form morally the young ladies and that contradicted in many ways what Jane Austen considerate appropriate for their education.
  • She was not considerate a great novelist until XIX.
  • Sir Walter Scott said: ``This young lady has a talent to describe the relations of feelings and characters of the ordinary life, and for me that is the most gorgeous thing I have ever found.´´ In Jane’s stories, the characters read Scott and they praise him
  • She does not show the terrible consequences of the Napoleonic wars in many families.
  • The academics of the XX century have situated her like one of the most genuine writers of the English language, sometimes she was even compared to W.Shakespeare
  • One of the hardest critics came from Charlotte Bronte who was also a great novelist.
  • For Austen, a man is the result of the social influences that act on him.
  • She stayed away from politic topics
  • She was also characterized by presenting her heroines in a youth and immature state, but full of a good disposal. Of platonic minds, she considerate the soul like the centre of family unit, and not like a republic.
  • She talks about marriages of convenience, the problems with the heritages, the women virtues and the values that she considerate necessary in every society
novels and early stories
Novels and early stories
  • Sense and sensibility
  • Pride and prejudice
  • Mansfield Park
  • Emma
  • Northanger Abbey
  • Persuasion
  • Lady Susan
  • The Watson
  • Sanditon
novels and early stories1
Novels and early stories
  • Frederick and Elfrida
  • Jack and Alice
  • Edgar and Emma
  • Henry and Eliza
  • The Adventures of Mr. Harley
  • Sir William Mountague
  • Memories of Mr. Clifford
  • The Beautiful Cassandra
  • Amelia Webster
  • The Visit
  • The Mystery
  • The Three Sister
  • A Beautiful Description
  • A Generous Curate
  • Ode to Pity
  • Love and Friendship
  • Lesley Castle
  • The History of England
  • A Collection of Letters
  • The Female Philosopher
  • The First Act of a Comedy
  • A Letter from a Young Lady
  • A Tour Through Wales
  • A Tale
  • EvelynCatherine, or the bower
  • Sir Charles Grandson
  • Plan of a Novel
  • Poems
  • Prayers
  • Letters
austen in the cinema
Austen in the cinema
  • Jane Austen in Manhattan
  • Becoming Jane
  • The Jane Austen Book Club
  • Jane Austen Remember