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Joseph – integrity and courage(1) PowerPoint Presentation
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Joseph – integrity and courage(1)

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Joseph – integrity and courage(1)

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Joseph – integrity and courage(1)

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  1. Joseph –integrity and courage(1) Yoshinobu Namihira MD FACG 3000 Halls Ferry road Vicksburg MS 39180 Ph 601 638 9800,fax 601 638 9808 E

  2. Joseph Was mistreated by his brothers Gen 37:19 Coat of many colors, Jocob’s favorite among his sons. Joseph in the heart of Jacob ;Gen 37:3 Was sold to Egypt for slavery by his own brothers The selling price of Joseph to the Ishmaellite =20 shekels of sliver ($2,560) Jesus Was mistreated by Jews and eventually killed;mat 27:35 God’s most favorite in heaven, Jesus in the heart of the Father. Was betrayed by his own disciple (Judah Iscariot) to Jews ; mat 26:14-16 The betraying price of Jesus by Judah =30 pieces of siiver=$3,840 ;mat 26:15

  3. Blood stained garment of Joseph to Jacob , the father to signify the death of Joseph Heir of the wealthy family; Gen 37:31 Many temptations by Egyptian woman , but no record of sinning against God’s principle ;Gen 39:9 Among two individuals , a baker and a butler. the baker died, the butler lived ;”remember me when it is well with you .make mention of me” ;Gen 40:14 Blood stain of Jesus on the cross and blood stain garment left here on earth ;mat 27 :35 King of the kings. Heir of god head, household in heaven, Jesus , god head Jesus was tempted by Satan to sin but to no avail. No record of sinning against God ; mat 4:4”it is written” Jesus between the two individuals, thieves. One thief- dead, the other thief- saved , believing in Jesus. ;luke23:42;mat 27:38

  4. Arose from prison to palace in one day ;Gen 41:14 Joseph instrumental for bringing Jacob and his family ( Israel ) at the time of famine to Egypt and get them out of slavery at Egypt to canaan , (-)=(+)= (-)=(+) ;Gen 46:1-34 Arose from death to life in one day Jesus ;mat 28:1 instrumental in bringing God’s people from the slavery to sin to salvation , eternal life . (-)=(+); John 3:16 {God loved the word so much He gave his own betton Son, whoever believeth in HIM shall not perish but have an ever lasting life }

  5. Stored and saved grain, ( bread) for emergency; 7years of plenty (store) 7 years of famine;Gen42:29 noah; prepared the ark for the coming flood , with one year supply of foods for his human beings and animals. Jesus= bread of life = foods= source of life or energy ;John 6:47

  6. The whole world came to Joseph for foods in Egypt, because he stored and prepared the foods for emergency at the time of famine; there was no other alternative or other choice to make. Every one came to Joseph. ;Gen 42:36 The whole world came to Jesus, no other alternative or choice except to come to Jesus for eternal life and salvation ;mat 4:23

  7. 10 other brothers came to Joseph for foods and circle and bowed down in front of Joseph, Joseph in the center and all other brothers in the periphery ;Gen42:3 12-1=11 (Joseph) 11-1=10 (Benjamine) 12-2=10 sons; Gen42:6 Everyone came to Jesus and worship and bow down in front of Jesus, Jesus in the center and everyone in the periphery ;mat 4:24

  8. Joseph did not return evil for evil but good for evil . did not retaliate his brothers for their wrongs in the past , did not abuse his authority and power for his own good; Gen 45:4-5 Jesus never use or abuse his authority or power for his own good or show ,or display for public relation (PR);mat 5:38-42

  9. Joseph wanted to embrace his own blood related brother – Benjamin, restrained himself from public eyes for a while but could not do so for ever , reveal himself to his own brothers by taking out the veil or mask from his face;Gen 45:1 Jesus wants to take veil and mask from our eyes and wants to reveal himself to us . we can see himself , Jesus, clearly without any blurry vision . ; Rev 1:1

  10. Joseph desperate to embrace Benjamin ‘s neck and show love ;Gen 45:14-15 Jesus desperate to show his love to everyone who wants to believe in HIM

  11. Benjamin, cup of Joseph = the test to see the sincerity of heart and true conversion of heart, the cup= salvation , the cup was used for test with regard to salvation ,Gen 44:2 Cup of suffering and sour wine to drink, cup = the central theme, cup = salvation , the cup was use for test of Jesus for salvation, cup of Jesus

  12. Judah = offer himself for slavery on behalf of his blood relative of Benjamin, offer himself as a substitute for Benjamin. Self sacrifice and be a substitute for someone else;God chose Judah ,the 4th son, for lineage of Christ !;Gen44:14 Jesus offered himself as a substitute for human beings, self sacrifice and offer himself as a substitute for some one else.

  13. Joseph in a position either retaliate or not retaliate his brothers for their wrongs, evil deed, had a power to deliver them from the misery or hunger or not; Gen 45:4 Jesus had a power to deliver human beings from sin.

  14. Joseph gave his father and brothers the best part of the land (Goshon) in Egypt; Gen 47:6 Jesus will give the best part of land in heaven , has already prepared a place in heaven’s mansion for his own people

  15. His brothers were talking among themselves about their plan of action in their native tongue but Joseph was able to understand everything of what they were talking . nothing was hidden from Joseph , ;Gen 42:21-23 Nothing is hidden from God’s ear and God can hear and understand everything of what we say and think, there is nothing hidden from God’s eyes and ears. God can understand multiple languages and does not need any interpreter for communication

  16. His brothers paid money to Joseph for foods but Joseph did not accept money from his own people and return money back to them, food= gift= offering= salvation=;Gen 42:25 Jesus will not accept our money for salvation, we can not pay Jesus enough money to earn salvation , food= salvation= free gift= something you appreciate eternally

  17. Joseph , the prime minister of Egypt came down the royal chariot and greet his old aged father, Jacob on the road , the two individuals kissed and embraced each other ; meeting between father and son ; a happy moment of reunion ;Gen 46:29 Jesus and the God , father in heaven ; there will be a time and occasion for Jesus and his followers and God ,the father , meet together in heaven and kiss and embrace each other ! a joyous moment of reunion !

  18. In all ages God's appointed witnesses have exposed themselves to reproach and persecution for the truth's sake. Joseph was maligned and persecuted because he preserved his virtue and integrity. David, the chosen messenger of God, was hunted like a beast of prey by his enemies.

  19. Daniel was cast into a den of lions because he was true to his allegiance to heaven. Job was deprived of his worldly possessions, and so afflicted in body that he was abhorred by his relatives, and friends; yet he maintained his integrity.

  20. Jeremiah could not be deterred from speaking the words that God had given him to speak; and his testimony so enraged the king and princes that he was cast into a loathsome pit. Stephen was stoned because he preached Christ and Him crucified.

  21. Paul was imprisoned, beaten with rods, stoned, and finally put to death because he was a faithful messenger for God to the Gentiles. And John was banished to the Isle of Patmos "for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ." {AA 575.1}

  22. These examples of human steadfastness bear witness to the faithfulness of God's promises--of His abiding presence and sustaining grace. They testify to the power of faith to withstand the powers of the world. It is the work of faith to rest in God in the darkest hour, to feel, however sorely tried and tempest-tossed, that our Father is at the helm. The eye of faith alone can look beyond the things • of time to estimate aright the worth of the eternal riches. {AA 575.2}

  23. Conclusions • There is a striking similarity between the life and mission of Joseph and that of Jesus Christ . • A change from Prison to Palace in one day. • Joseph was instrumental for bringing Jacob and his family ( israel ) to Egypt at the time of great famine, and saved his family from starvation (death )

  24. A Positive thinking mind set • From negative (-) to positive (+) transformation • Joseph stored and saved grains for an emergency for 7 years . • Noah prepared the Ark ( the boat ) for the coming flood with one year supply of foods for human beings and animals .

  25. 8.Joseph took the veil out of his face and revealed himself to his brothers. 9. “ I am your brother , Joseph “ 10.Benjamine =test of sincerity the cup of the prime minister was used as a test to see the sincerity of the heart 11.The cup =salvation

  26. 12.Examples as exposure to reproach and persecution 13.Joseph was sold to Egypt as a slave and thrown into a prison for false charge. 14.David was hunted by his enemy like a beast of prey. 15.Daniel was in the lion’s den for his faithfulness in his religious belief.

  27. 16.Job was deprived of worldly possessions and comfort, suffered from generalized skin condition ( diffuse eczema ); was abhorred by his friends 17.Paul was imprisoned, beaten, stoned, and killed. 18.John was banished to the isle of Patmos . 19.Steadfastness and faithfulness of God’s promise

  28. 20. God’s promise = 1) abiding presence , 2) sustaining grace

  29. The End • Thank you for coming

  30. Place of visit • 11-1-2008 ,Vicksburg SDA church , MS