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Section 2: Experiencing Difference

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Section 2: Experiencing Difference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Section 2: Experiencing Difference. Experiencing Privilege Pgs 193-205. Framework Essay: Experiencing Difference. Section I focused on naming, aggregation, dichotomization, and stigmatization of master statuses… Section II focuses on experiencing these statuses

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section 2 experiencing difference

Section 2: Experiencing Difference

Experiencing Privilege

Pgs 193-205

framework essay experiencing difference
Framework Essay: Experiencing Difference
  • Section I focused on naming, aggregation, dichotomization, and stigmatization of master statuses…
  • Section II focuses on experiencing these statuses
    • How do you experience the social statuses you occupy?
      • What you notice
      • How you are treated
        • I.e.: Age, race, sex, sexual orientation, disability status, social class
          • Perceived
experiencing privilege
Experiencing Privilege
  • Our statuses account for what we notice, but also what we often fail to notice…
    • We are generally aware of the statuses that yield negative judgments and unfair treatment…
    • Yet most people are likely unaware of the statuses that provide privilege and advantage-invisibility
      • I.e.: My white, female friends in Georgia vs. my Latino, male friends
        • The Bars vs. The Wedding-Visibility/Invisibility
      • Treatment and what you notice is relative to who you are, where you are, the time era in which you live, and the micro level situations in which you interact with others
        • Because statuses are assigned socially constructed meaning, privilege and stigma varies
making privilege visible
Making Privilege Visible
  • Peggy McIntosh (1989): People will come to admit and see that others may be disadvantaged, but are unwilling to acknowledge advantage or privilege
  • Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack:
    • “I don’t have to educate my children to be aware of systemic racism for their daily protection”
    • “I can take a job without having my co-workers suspect that I can the job because of affirmative action”
    • “I can speak well in public without it being a credit to my race..and if I don’t happen to speak well, I won’t perpetuate stereotypes about my race”
    • “I can shop in a department store or drive my car relatively sure that I am not being followed or stopped because of my race”.
    • Other examples…
examples of privilege race
Examples of Privilege-Race
  • Racist assumption of racial minorities as criminal, violent, or dangerous to others. Historically constructed stereotypes of Blacks, immigrants, and other racial minorities persist.
      • Recent surveys: About half of whites think that blacks are aggressive or violent (pg 196).
  • Manifestation of stereotypes/belief system:
    • Police shootings of young, black, unarmed men-examples
    • Racial profiling of Muslim Americans-book-Islamophobia
    • SB 1070 in Arizona-Similar-Video
    • Stop and Frisk Policies in New York City-Stats
    • Police shootings of unarmed officers (pg 197-198)
    • Differential drug sentencing (crack vs. powder cocaine)
    • Differential arrest rates-John Oliver video
    • Differential incarceration rates-Stats book
    • Differential sentencing of death penalty-stats
    • Media studies and racial representation-book
    • 2009-What would you do
    • Example in text: “I’d have shot out his kneecaps” (pg 201)
examples of privilege sexual orientation
Examples of Privilege-Sexual Orientation
  • Open about relationships
  • Flaunting sexuality
  • Heteronormativity
examples of privilege disability
Examples of Privilege-Disability
  • Getting around
  • Everything is designed for your use
examples of privilege social class
Examples of Privilege-Social Class
  • Cumulative advantages of Wealth Social and Cultural Capital
  • Being treated as competent and productive member of society
    • Wealthfare
  • Invisibility of legacy admissions and getting jobs cause one “knows the right people”
  • Entitlement
  • Being “Unmarked”
    • Dentists, Pilots, and Politicians