8 tips to making the most of your first campervan trip
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8 Tips to Making the Most of Your First Campervan Trip - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring the best destinations in Australia is best done by hiring a campervan. Travel as the locals do! Check out these 8 Tips to Making the Most of Your First Campervan Trip. For more useful tips about caravanning in the land down under, visit www.discovery-campervans.com.au\n

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International caravanning and camping
International Caravanning and Camping

  • You’re not alone. According to the data released by the Tourism Research Australia, a total of 334,184 international caravanning and camping visitors made their way to the country for the year ending June 2016.

  • This tops visitor volume from the previous year by 12%. Data also revealed a significant increase in visitor nights, hence suggesting that campers also opt to stay longer for their trip.

  • So what are you waiting for? Get on your way to your first ever campervan adventure! Bask in the breathtaking landscapes of the land down under has to offer.

Choose the right vehicle for your group
Choose the Right Vehicle for your Group experience.

  • How many are joining the campervan trip? Have you decided on the number of days you’ll spend on the road?

  • Be sure to check out campervan hire comparison sites, where you will enjoy access to the best price available from the most trusted campervan rental companies in Australia.

Rest a few days before starting the campervan trip
Rest a Few days Before Starting the Campervan Trip experience.

  • Going on long road trips sure is exciting, but allow yourself some time to rest and let the jet lag subside.

  • Also, don’t stuff your itinerary with too many activities. You’ll want to enjoy each part of your trip at a relaxed pace.

Take time watching instructional videos
Take Time Watching Instructional Videos experience.

  • Once you reach the depot for vehicle pickup, take time asking questions of the staff. Pay attention to short instructional videos showing you the ins and outs of your temporary home on the road.

  • Also, check every corner of your vehicle and advise the staff should you find any existing marks or damage. This will be included in the report that both you and the staff will be signing before you start your journey.

Save on food and groceries
Save on Food and Groceries experience.

  • Stock up on food from supermarkets rather than shopping at small local stores. Bring a list with you too so you can avoid going beyond your budget. Store your food properly to make it last longer.

  • Also, if you would like to eat out, do so during lunch time. It’s cheaper than dining out every night. Refill your water bottle too at public water fountains. The cost of bottled water can add up quickly.

Spend less on petrol
Spend Less on Petrol experience.

  • Don’t throw away your receipts or dockets. You may just earn discounts on your next fuel stop.

  • Look for days as well where you can purchase petrol for less. If possible, top up during Tuesdays and Wednesdays as fuel is cheaper during these days.  

Safeguard your documents
Safeguard Your Documents experience.

  • Be sure you have your travel documents ready and secured throughout your trip.

  • Keep soft copies of your identification cards and important travel documents on your email.

Take a break and make the most of your stops
Take a Break and make the Most of your Stops experience.

  • Remember more of the beautiful sceneries than the long drives. Make the best memories exploring outside of your campervan.

  • With that said, be sure to give yourself time to slow down and enjoy each of your stops.

Be careful when going off the beaten path
Be Careful when Going off the Beaten Path experience.

  • Australia is a tourist-friendly destination. But as with any of your trips abroad, be sure to exercise caution when walking around. Should you want to check out a particular spot, keep a buddy with you and advise the group where you’re going.

Check these out
Check these Out! experience.

  • With its picture perfect aquatic and coastal areas, Australia is a dream campervan destination for many. Get started planning your own trip today! Book online with a travel agency and organise your campervan holiday minus the hassles.

  • Check out these 8 Tips to Making the Most of Your First Campervan Trip.

  • For more useful tips about motorhomes, visit www.discovery-campervans.com.au