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Our Mission

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Our Mission
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Our Mission

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  1. Our Mission Visit: http://campandhikestore.com/

  2. Emergency Blanket These blankets are commonly referred to as ""Space Blankets"" and retain 90% of an individuals body heat to keep warm in cold conditions. It protects against wind and rain. Not as effective as our Emergency Survival Sleeping Bags but is more economical. Visit: http://campandhikestore.com/

  3. FIRST ALERT SFA1180 Portable AM/FM Weather Radio with Alarm ClockReceives instant 24-hour weather, marine forecast & SAME weather alerts; Information broadcast by NOAA on all 7 weather band frequencies; 3 different color-coded alert indicators to indicate warning, watch & advisory; AM/FM frequency synthesized digital tuner with 10 AM/FM presets; Ultrabright LED flashlight; Multifunction blue backlit LCD display; Built-in handle; Clock with snooze; Charging indicator; Sleep function; 1A emergency USB port for charging USB-compatible devices; Weather-resistant; Headphone jack; 4-way power: dynamo, solar, rechargeable battery or 3 AA batteries (not included); FIRST ALERT SFA1180 Portable AM/FM Weather Radio with Alarm Clock Visit: http://campandhikestore.com/

  4. Gigatent Air mattress Double AC-004 Air Mattress Double. Dimensions when inflated are 73"" x 53"" x 9"".. Top of mattress is luxurious, washable flock.. Mattress is constructed of heavy duty PVC fabric but wont scratch or damage floor surfaces.. Coil beam design for added comfort and support.. Extra-wide value opening for fast inflating and deflating.. Great for indoor or outdoor use.. Great for Campers.. Use as a spare bed.. Includes battery pump and foot pump. (Batteries not included, 4 D batteries is needed). Includes polyester carry bag.. Includes self adhesive repair patch. Coil Beam Design for added comfort and support Sturdy Pre-tested Vinyl construction Flocked Velour Top Self Adhesive Repair Patch Extra-wide value openings for fast inflating and deflating Visit: http://campandhikestore.com/

  5. Solar-powered Floral Lantern (pack of 1 EA) Package: 1 EAWhen lit from within, the stained glass panels of this stylish lantern come alive with jewel-like colors, turning captured sunlight into a mesmerizing display. No candles or electricity required; solar-power cells in the lid recharge automatically when outdoors! Metal with glass panels and solar board. 6"" square x 11 3/4"" high. Visit: http://campandhikestore.com/

  6. Tungsten Sabre Saw Blades 8-piece Assorted Set : ( Pack of 1 Pc ) Made Of Tough Tungsten Steel, These Blades Come In A Variety Of Shapes For Every Use. Shortest One In The Picture Is 2 3/4"" Long, Mid Length Ones Are 3 1/2"" Long, And The Longest Is 6"" Long.1 Visit: http://campandhikestore.com/

  7. Contact Us Email : info@campandhikestore.com Website : http://campandhikestore.com Thank You Visit: http://campandhikestore.com/