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  1. VALUE

  2. VALUES in ART The lightness or darkness of a color. In drawing, the lightness and darkness of the pencil

  3. Try blending from dark to light, and then light to dark. You can go back over it more than once to fine tune it if need be. Practice making lines that go from light to dark, and then dark to light. Practice making dark lines over lighter areas. I would use a B pencil or softer. Finally, try making a gradation box with as many values in it as you want. Three is easy. Nine is a lot harder. There won't be a ton of difference in the two darkest values on the 9 value chart. Here is an example:

  4. Values can be made by either pressing down very lightly or pressing hard with your pencil.

  5. Charcoal pencil drawing. Student

  6. Student drawing with graphite pencil #2 pencil

  7. Professional Artist drawing with graphite pencil #2 pencil

  8. Student drawing of favorite sports in Middle School.

  9. M.C. Esher Day and Night

  10. This is a pencil drawing of abstract shapes that represent people. These people mesh together despite of their differences. Everything. Drawn by a 10th grade student.

  11. A drawing assignment that is Dr. Suess-inspired.  The students divided their paper into three equal sections and create Dr. Suess-like "towers" similar to the image to the left. This lesson is further is created on shading each section using primary colors, secondary colors and grayscale.  How to properly blend colored pencils and regular pencils.  Each student will complete a blending worksheet and value scale.  This will lead us to our next assignment.  TSW be creating a perspective "3-D" box shading assignment.  We will learn how to draw a cube/box so that it looks 3-D.  They will create this boxes to look like they are floating.  They boxes will be connected with a "string".   Next, we will focus on value.  The colors will get lighter the closer the are to the light source and darker as they get closer to the shadow like the example shown.