welcome to fourth grade parent information night n.
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Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night!

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Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night!. Mrs. Catarella – x7109 Please sign up for conferences at the wooden table. Find your child ’ s seat. You may fill out the green information sheet as you are waiting!. Daily Schedule. English Language Arts. Reader ’ s Workshop:

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welcome to fourth grade parent information night

Welcome to Fourth GradeParent Information Night!

Mrs. Catarella – x7109

Please sign up for conferences at the wooden table.

Find your child’s seat. You may fill out the green information sheet as you are waiting!

english language arts
English Language Arts

Reader’s Workshop:

  • Lead 21 Program- Themed units, vocabulary, whole group and leveled groups (guided reading)
  • Units of Study- Reader’s workshop model to focus on core curriculum and building a love of independent reading, reading stamina, and common core.
  • Read aloud
  • Assessment preparation integrated through both reading models
  • Reading Homework-The students will have to take Accelerated Reading assessments and meet their monthly goal (2 chapter books and two non-fiction). Students who complete two books a month with 70% understanding will receive a book it coupon!

Writer’s Workshop:

  • Units of Study- Writer’s workshop!
  • Students will be required to write in and keep their own writing journals.
  • The students will write a variety of genres!
reading homework
Reading Homework!
  • Every child should read at least 20 minutes each night for homework!

For math instruction, I will be following the common core standards.

To meet the standards I will use the purchased math program (Singapore Math) and I will integrate other programs that are available to me.

  • IXL- is a website that your child will use a lot in class and will also be expected to use at home. It is a great resource that the district has purchased. It has proven to be motivating to our students and a successful teaching tool!
  • I will also use a variety of websites for each unit. All websites will be posted to my Frontier website.
  • Some worksheets will come from websites or other math programs. I will use whatever I find that will help the students understand and practice the concepts they are expected to know by the end of fourth grade!
science and social studies
Science and Social Studies

Social Studies

  • Units of Study
    • NYS Geography and Resources
    • Local, State and National Government
    • Native Americans
    • Explorers
    • Colonial America
    • American Revolution
    • Erie Canal
  • Science
  • Units of Study
    • Electrical Circuits
    • Land and Water
    • Plant Growth and Development
new york state testing
New York State Testing

In fourth grade, New York State requires three assessments. On

each assessment the student will receive a score of 4, 3, 2, and 1. Results from this assessment will be sent home at the end of the year. Although the grade is not counted in the final average for your child, the data is used for support services such as reading intervention.

  • ELA Assessment- April 14-16th
  • Math Assessment- May 22-24th
  • Science Assessment- May 20-21nd

***Please be sure to help your student throughout the whole year by encouraging them to read at home every night! Also, encourage them to spend extra time practicing their math facts or “playing” on IXL!

homework policy
Homework Policy
  • Homework is assigned every week night and occasionally on weekends. Homework is to be completed and returned the next morning, unless otherwise stated.
  • Reading homework is at least 25-30 minutes EVERY DAY, including weekends! As the school year progresses, this will increase to 40-50 minutes!
  • Students are responsible for completing any daily assignments not finished during class time (examples include students out of the room for music lessons, speech, reading, etc).
  • When students are absent, their work will be ready for them and left in their mailbox students responsibility to check to see what they have missed!
  • Please check--the homework assignments, the take home folder, and sign your child’s agenda daily.
  • Incorrect homework will be corrected by the student with the help of the teacher.
  • FREETIME – Students can only participate if all homework is completed and turned in on time!
report cards
Report Cards
  • Grading System
    • 4 – Meeting learning standards with distinction
    • 3 – Meeting learning standards!
    • 2 – Partially meeting learning standards
    • 1 – Not meeting learning standards
classroom management
Classroom Management
  • Whole Class Reward
      • Marble jar!

Individual Rewards/Behavior modifications

      • Stars are earned! After 10 stars the student will earn a homework pass
      • If a child is misbehaving, they will go into the penalty box. They will miss 5 minutes of free time for every infraction of a rule. They are able to earn their way out of the penalty box!
tidbits of information
Tidbits of Information
  • WATER BOTTLES - It can be very warm in our classrooms, so it is okay for the students’ to have a water bottle on their desks--but it should be for water only.
  • SNACKS - Please send a healthy snack with your child daily. We do have a peanut allergy in our classroom, so please be aware of that.
  • SUPPLIES - Supplies run out thought the year (especially pencils). Ask your child from time to time if he/she is running out of or is low on supplies.
  • SNEAKERS - We will try to have outside recess as much as possible, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately. Sneakers should be brought to school daily. We will attempt to go outside in the winter. Watch for a ½ sheet of info for that occasion.
  • BIRTHDAYS - We love to celebrate birthdays! Our days are busy, so please send in pre cut or pre bagged treats. Drinks are not necessary. We have 24 student this year. We will not be allowing the children to wander the halls handing out extra treats. This could potentially contaminate the building.
  • Field Trips- We have discussed a variety of field trips as a fourth grade and Mrs. Latona has written some grants. Look for more information on this in the future!
more tidbits of info
More tidbits of info…
  • Book Clubs - We will continue to send home scholastic book orders. You can send in an order with your child, or better yet, you can order online! Look for our classroom code, go to www.scholasticbooks.com and do all of your ordering on our classroom page. For each online order you will get $5.00 off your next book order and our classroom will get $3.00 toward a new book!
  • Contact - If you every have questions or concerns, please contact us thought the agenda or feel free to call 926-1770 or X7109
  • LAST Tidbit!!! - I look forward to working with you towards your child’s education this year!