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Marisa Rivituso

Marisa Rivituso

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Marisa Rivituso

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  1. Marisa Rivituso Edu505 Professor Harrison Yang

  2. Introduction During the time period known as Manifest Destiny, the United States was expanding west and gaining new territory. They were gaining this territory from a number of other countries using a variety of methods. However, many were curious about what these different territories were like. For example, the Louisiana Territory was explored by Lewis and Clark, but what did they find?

  3. Task Congratulations! The President has assigned you the job of explorer. You are to explore the territory the United States has gained during Manifest Destiny. You are to keep a travel journal along your journey. You must be able to answer the following questions about each territory listed on your worksheet when you return: • Who the United States gained the territory from • How the United States gained the territory • Climate of the territory and what type of industry could survive there (manufacturing, farming, both) • Landscape/ wildlife- mountains, desert etc 5. Are there people currently living there? If so, who are they and what are they like? 6. Is there trade routes? If so, what are those routes? 7. Other important information

  4. Process • Using the websites, you will go from territory to territory. • You will record the information on your worksheet. • After you have answered all the questions about each territory, you will color a map in based on the territory. • When you are completely finished, you will be creating a travel brochure about the territory you found most interesting throughout your research.

  5. Resources Mexican Cession Louisiana Purchase Texas Annexation

  6. Evaluation • Students will be evaluated on their travel brochure at the end of the assignment (the webquest is an activitiy leading up to an assessment). They will be evaluated using the following rubric and students can get half points (example a 3.5): • 4 - Student created a visually appealing brochure that thoroughly answers the questions provided for them in the task. • 3. Students created a visually appealing brocure that thoroughly answers most questions provided for them in the task. • 2. Students created a brochure that vaguely answers the questions provided for them in the task. • 1. Students created a brochure that vaguely answers some of the questions provided for them. • 0. Student did not complete the assignment.

  7. Conclusion This assignment is meant to introduce students to the areas acquired during U.S. Westward Expansion. At the end of the webquest, students should be able to explain and understand how and why we took over different territories and what modern day states fall within those territories. The assignment will fit in after Westward Expansion is introduced, but before specific information is given about territories.