certification update spring 2013 n.
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Certification Update Spring 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Certification Update Spring 2013

Certification Update Spring 2013

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Certification Update Spring 2013

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  1. Certification UpdateSpring 2013

  2. Agenda Upcoming Rule and Task Force Work Upgrade and Leadership Reminders Other Items Worth Mentioning Spring State-Wide Outreach Training

  3. CERTIFICATION DIVISION David Hill, Director of Educator Preparation and Certification Kelli Young, Assistant Division Director for Certification Windy Fortenberry, Certification Program Manager Jeff Jones, Certification Program Manager Kevin Bradley – Certification Administrative Specialist Evaluators - 15 Staff Positions Scanners/Clerical - 1 Staff and 1 Temporary position Certification Outreach – 2 Staff positions RT3 – 1 Staff Position DECAL / PDR Department – 6 Staff Positions

  4. RESA Assignments

  5. Upcoming Task Force Work Tiered Certification JROTC Early Care B-5 HB 285

  6. Upcoming Rule Work Educational Interpreter License: March Add a New Field: March Early Care and Learning License: July/Oct GaTAPPCert. Consolidation: Oct Assessment Rule: March/July UNSAT Rule: TBD Clearance Rule: TBD

  7. Revised Appeals Rule Cert Rule 505-2-.32 Effective January 15, 2013 Provides formalized system of tiered reviews Must be in writing within 60 calendar days Two tiers of appeal

  8. Upgrade Extended Grandfathering Timeline Over Use Upgrade Advisor Always Email

  9. Leadership HB 455/923 still in effect Leader Level on Certification means educator is affected by HB 455/923 Make sure recommendation is submitted for PL programs

  10. Other Reminders Basic Skills Exemption Master’s degree is still acceptable to exempt basic skills Master’s must have been earned prior to issuance of NN or GaTAPP certificate Master’s must have been earned prior to acceptance to initial cert prep program including those at the graduate level

  11. Other Reminders Electronic Forms & Processes Electronic forms being updated including employer assurance, recommendation and experience forms Providers will be required to use electronic recommendation form beginning with Summer 2013 program completers Online Application in the works Expresslane with new email feature

  12. Other Reminders Testing GaPSC using new testing company for GACE: Educational Testing Service (ETS) GaPSC is not switching to the Praxis tests; GACE is a customized program and will remain the name of the Georgia state-approved assessment GaPSC still uses Praxis for SLP

  13. Other Reminders Front-End Process All applications RECEIVED through Expresslane or manually scanned by GaPSC will go into this status for a target review of 24 hours Applications placed in a HOLDING status will receive a letter outlining missing documents Applications determined as complete will be placed in the AWAITING ASSIGNMENT status and assigned to an evaluator based on date RECEIVED

  14. Other Reminders Register for MyPSC!

  15. Spring Cert Training and Outreach • February 2013Customized training at satellite LEAs around the state: Dougherty County, Walton County, Gordon County and Bibb County • GoTo Meetings scheduled for March 2013 • Customized Training Available • Email to register

  16. GAPSC.ORG ACCOUNT REQUESTS For CERT transactions: Expresslane, ACRES, CLAIMS, electronic forms, etc: For HiQ accounts or HiQ technical assistance:

  17. CERTIFICATION CONTACTINFORMATION MAIN NUMBER: 404-232-2500 or 800-869-7775 Press # 1 for Certification, then Press # 1 a second time for an Evaluator GENERAL PUBLIC EMAIL: UPGRADE EMAIL: HRHOTLINE: 800-390-6698 for System HR staff ONLY! (Not to be given to teachers and general public) HR EMAIL: certhelp@gapsc.comfor System HR staff ONLY! (Not to be given to teachers and general public)