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Congolese. The Democratic Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in the Central Africa, it is the 3 rd largest country in Africa.

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the democratic republic of congo
The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in the Central Africa, it is the 3rd largest country in Africa.

In August 1998, a regional war broke out between the Democratic Republic of Congo Government and Ugandan- and Rwandan- backed rebels. And around 300 000 Congolese fled to neighbouring countries.

A peace accord was signed in South Africa in 2002.However allot of the country is still unstable, and since 1998 it is estimated that the conflict has killed up to four million people.

  • DRC, ( Democratic Republic of Congo)
community in australia
Community in Australia

The Congolese community in Australia is very small. The 2001 Census identified around 270 people who were residents of Australia who were born in DRC.


About 250 different African languages are spoken in the country. The main languages spoken are Lingala ,Kikongo, Kingwana, and Tshiluba.

French is the country’s official language, it is used in government and education. However, only a small amount of the population uses French

as a working language majority speak the local languages. Many Congolese can

communicate in a number of different local languages.


Around 70 % of the population follows Christian beliefs and around 10 % of the population is Muslim and the remaining 20 per cent follow either traditional or syncretic beliefs .

50% of the Christians are Roman Catholics and 20% and Protestant


The Congolese diet is very healthy. Lots of people grow

their own food and eat a lot of freshly grown, unprocessed foods. An example of a common Congolese meal consist normally of starchy foods like potatoes or yams served with a thick fish based stew or sauce

The food is flavoursome and spicy . Food is often prepared in large pots

So people can share the meal. In rural areas most people use charcoal

or wood for cooking, and might not know much about gas or electrical things.

People from urban areas will be more familiar with microwaves ,ovens and electrical things.