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Welcome to MCRC’s:

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Welcome to MCRC’s: . HP Job Responsibilities. AGENDA. Responsibilities General Assembly House Council Event Planning Committees Communication and Role as a Leader Miscellaneous Tasks Relevant Information Homework Activity. General Assembly - Review.

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Welcome to MCRC’s:

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    1. Welcome to MCRC’s: HP Job Responsibilities

    2. AGENDA • Responsibilities • General Assembly • House Council • Event Planning • Committees • Communication and Role as a Leader • Miscellaneous Tasks • Relevant Information • Homework • Activity

    3. General Assembly -Review • Location: Ban Righ Fireside Room • Date and Time: TBA Note: • Attendance is mandatory • A proxy must be found in the case of absence • Notify the speaker and myself at least 24 hours in advance • You represent your House and your House Council at this meeting

    4. House Council Essentials Duties: • Chair your building’s House Council which consists of your floor reps, your RFs and your FYEA (First Year Event Assistants) • Prepare an agenda and print a copy for each council member • Begin the meeting by approving the agenda • Set a meeting bi-weekly at a consistent day and time • Make it a “public event” on extranet • Ensure the RF records and sends out the meeting minutes to all house council members, including me

    5. House Council Cont’d Guidelines: • Public meeting –residents and dons are free to participate • Stay impartial –meaning, you cannot vote, unless you are the tie-breaker • Establish a good balance in the level of formality (Robert’s Rules) and a casual atmosphere • Everyone has equal speaking rights • Quorum is 50% + 1 • $1/person budget for food at meetings (optional)

    6. Event Planning Responsibilities: • Hold 3 different events per term • Budget house allocation wisely –allotted $7/ person • Ensure events are consistent with community standards and very open –fun and comfortable • Complete relevant forms • Ensure appropriate ratio of staff present (1 staff for every 15 students)

    7. Ideas for Events: • *Events involving food and prizes* • Sports • Holiday -themed events • Continue traditions (i.e. Leonard Bowl, poker for Gordbrock) • Events with inter-floor competitions • Inter-residences events

    8. Assistance with Events • House council (FYEA, Floor Reps) • Get dons to get involved –more successful events! • RFs are required to be there for set-up and for the duration of the event, not for planning Note: • Supervise while being an effective leader • No authority to boss RFs • Do not order your house council –include, collaborate, respect, and motivate in decision-making • Keep them informed of occurrences from various meetings (inter-house, GA)

    9. Committees • Every HP is to join at least ONE committee: • Chief Returning Officer (CRO) • Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) • Constitutional Affairs and Ethics Committee (CAEC) • Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) • Judicial Advisory Committee and Boards • Facilitator Hiring Committee • Fine Revenue Allocation Committee (FRAC)

    10. Roles of the Committees • Assist MCRC function within its regulations and bylaws • Assist with decisions for MCRC • Distributes work and generates ideas

    11. Communication Communication Lines: • Communication with Res Life RLC (Note: House Team Meetings are Mandatory) • Communication with Dons • Communication House Council (FYEA, Floor reps) • Communications with other HP’s • Communication with Exec • Communication with me

    12. Communication with Me • Maintain frequent communications with me • Cell phone: 613-539-9309 • Mandatory bi-weekly meetings -Group or one-on-one?

    13. Miscellaneous Tasks Other Responsibilities: • Promoting Dodgeball and Inter-house events • Selling tickets for campus-wide events (i.e. Montreal trip) • Selling tickets for your events • Posters • House Clothing • Elections, if not completed online • Online 360 Feedback • Mentor your FYEA and council

    14. Relevant Information Taking Days-Off: • Every staff has 10 “overnights” per term • E-mail me in advance • Maintain a record • Inform your house council and RLC Note: • Ensure staff in your building report their days to you, along with the RLC and House Council • Maintain this record and keep me posted

    15. Relevant Information • May leave 3 days before Last day of exams • International Students come speak to me • Exceptions to days-off: • Thanksgiving (Saturday - Monday) • Reading Week • Easter Weekend • Christmas

    16. Relevant Information Penalties: • Misconduct or Failing to Oblige to Bylaws will result in the following: • Level 1 Offence: A written warning and possible reduction in days-off • Level 2 Offence: Probation • Level 3 Offence: Job termination

    17. Relevant Information • First Year Event Assistant (FYEA) • Key resource –provide them with opportunities • Can assist with bookings and promotions of events, purchasing of equipment/ materials • You should handle the financing and budgets • Info to come in next few weeks • Involvement in Hiring?

    18. Homework Tasks to Complete for Monday, August 29: • Memorize staff extranet login information • Change e-mail signature • Record voicemail • E-mail me when completed! Name Position Main Campus Residents’ Council Email: xxxx@mcrcweb.org Phone: 613-533-xxxx