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Perceived Performance

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Understanding. Perceived Performance. Tim Mangan Kahuna : TMurgent Technologies LLP http://www.tmurgent.com Microsoft MVP for Application Virtualization. President , Virtualization Boston http://www.virtg.com . Agenda. Computational VS Perceived Performance What D o Users Care About?

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Presentation Transcript

Perceived Performance

Tim Mangan

Kahuna: TMurgent Technologies LLP


Microsoft MVP for Application Virtualization

President, Virtualization Boston http://www.virtg.com

  • Computational VS Perceived Performance
  • What Do Users Care About?
  • Measuring Perceived Performance
  • Virtual Environment Performance
computational performance
Computational Performance

Measurement of discrete components of a system that affect overall performance.

Examples include:

  • Processor time
  • Bandwidth
  • Queue lengths
  • Counters of all kinds
perceived performance
Perceived Performance

A methodology where one analyzes the system with a goal of improving user productivity by focusing on issues that affect the performance as perceived by the users.

differences in techniques
Differences in Techniques



  • Repeatable
  • Break down to directly measurable components
  • Variable
  • Measure “end to end”
bring in the v word
Bring in the “V” Word

Our systems today are too complex to rely on computational performance (alone).

  • Multi-system
  • Networking
  • Remote Protocols
  • Virtualization Layering

Rethinking the Progress Bar1

  • Good:
    • Linear
    • Fast Power
  • Bad:
    • Any with variation

1 Harrison, Amento, Kuznetsov, & Bell http://chrisharrison.net/projects/progressbars/ProgBarHarrison.pdf

virtualization reality check 1
Virtualization Reality Check1


project vrc
Project VRC
  • Independent framework to measure virtual machine performance
  • Free
  • Set up your own tests
  • Understand their results
    • Virtual Session Index
bare metal 32 bit
Bare Metal 32-bit

Office 2007 SP1

2003 versus 2008 x86

SWAP Space (RAID5)

Add XenApp5.0

2003 versus 2008 x64

hyper v version 1
Hyper-V (version 1)

Bare Metal vs VMs

Odd Results

TS versus Desktops

vmware esx 3 5
Vmware(Esx 3.5)

Virtual Desktops

Bare Metal vs VMs

Page Sharing

it depends
It Depends…
  • Disk I/O Subsystem very important
  • Scenarios were CPU oriented
  • I/O subsystem of Hyper-V was bottleneck
  • New results being published soon
  • Improved Test Methodologies
  • New Vendor Releases
vrc 2 0


VRC 2.0
  • Nehalem Rocks for TS! 2x Improvement
    • Hyperthreading great (except ESX)
    • EPT-D Rocks (Hardware vs Software)
    • if ESX and EPT-D, turn vMMU software off,
    • if ESX and no EPT-D, turn vMMU software on
  • New version Hypervisors did not improve much
    • Vsphere 4.0, Hyper-V 2.0, XenServer 5.5
    • Hyper-V 2.0 improved more than others
    • Xen & Hyper-V now almost identical, except that a single VM cannot have 8CPU under Hyper-V (limit=4)
    • Vsphere can be better/worse than others depending on scenario
  • Office 2007 SP2 fixes “outlook preview pane” performance
  • IE8 performs on par with IE7

Project Virtual Reality Check:


Perceived Performance:



VDI versus TS (video):



Citrix Logon and Logoff Chart:


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