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Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pearl Harbor.

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pearl harbor
Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is located in Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A. It served as a Naval base for the U.S. Because of it’s shallow waters a enemy Naval attack is impossible for submarines and battleships. Until 1941 Pearl Harbor was a peaceful civilized island. Though it would not become an official U.S. state until 1950 it still had a whole U.S. military base and troops stationed there.

The Jakeanator’s Pearl Harbor

who when why where and how first base the answers
Who? When? Why? Where ? And How?First base: the answers

Who: The two countries involved in the bombing were, Japan and the United States of America.

When: The incident took place on December 7th, 1941.

Why: Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because they finally got bombs and because of the way America treated them they wanted revenge.

Where: On one of the Hawaiian Islands in a place called Pearl Harbor.

How: A bomb from a plane, an Arial Assault, or an Air strike.

who when why where and how second base use information from the web pages to support your answer
Who? When? Why? Where ? And How?Second base: use information from the web pages to support your answer
Who? When? Why? Where ? And How? Third base: use information from your background knowledge about Japan’s experience with the United States

Who: The beginning of World War 2 involved Japan, China, N. Korea, and U.S.A.

When: 1939-1945. Pearl Harbor bombing happened in 1941.

Why: Much earlier Japan was bullied by America and foreign countries. One American to bully them was Admiral Perry. He was ordered to sail over to Japan with four warships. He forced them to buy their modernized technology. Also something that set them off was America forced them to buy natural recourses from them. Another reason for the bombing is America stopped selling them the oil, steel and weaponry they needed. Finally the reason for the bombing was they wanted to rule the world and they thought the bombing would intimidate them enough to stay out of the war.

Where: Oahwahoo

Who? When? Why? Where ? And How?Homerun! Why is it important to understand this event in history? How can understanding this event help prevent future attacks like this?