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How We Learn And Develop

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How We Learn And Develop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How We Learn And Develop. How We Learn & Develop. How We Learn & Develop Hoop Dash. Aim: To get everyone through the hoop in a time that equals 1.5 seconds per person. Constraints: You can plan and practise as much as you like.

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how we learn develop hoop dash
How We Learn & DevelopHoop Dash
  • Aim:
  • To get everyone through the hoop in a time that equals 1.5 seconds per person.
  • Constraints:
  • You can plan and practise as much as you like.
  • You have three official timed runs in which to achieve the challenge.
  • Timing will start when the first person touches the hoop and will finish when the
  • last person lets go of it.
how we learn develop learning cycle honey mumford
How We Learn & DevelopLearning Cycle (Honey & Mumford)




What happened?

What were the results?

What am I going to do differently next time?


What do these results imply?

How am I influencing the outcome?

how we learn develop1
How We Learn & Develop

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how we learn develop learning styles
How We Learn & DevelopLearning Styles

How Do You Prefer To Learn?

how we learn develop2
How We Learn & Develop

Imagine you just got a completely new phone that is up to date and seems to work completely differently to the ones you have had before.

How do you go about learning how to use it?

how we learn develop3
How We Learn & Develop

Do you:

Read the instructions from cover to cover, including the bits you might already know.

Read the quick start guide, then get going knowing you can work the rest out later.

Go for it. A phone is a phone so it won’t be that different.

Watch others using the same phone and pick it up from them.

Go back to your old phone because you know how that one works!

how we learn develop4
How We Learn & Develop

Of course any of the first four will work and which one you chose is an indication of your preference for how you like to learn.

Many people have more than one preference.

The more preferences you develop the more opportunities you have to learn.

how we learn develop learning style preference
How We Learn & DevelopLearning Style Preference









how we learn develop activist
How We Learn & DevelopActivist


Like to be involved in new experiences and are enthusiastic about new ideas.

Enjoy doing things and being thrown in the deep end with a difficult task.

Learn well when working with others in team tasks or role-playing.

how we learn develop activist1
How We Learn & DevelopActivist


Unlikely to prepare for the learning experience or review their learning afterwards.

Learn less well when they have to follow precise instruction or listen to lectures or long explanations.

Tend to act first and consider the implications afterwards.

how we learn develop reflector
How We Learn & DevelopReflector


Like to view the situation from different perspectives.

Like to collect data, review and think carefully before coming to any conclusions.

Enjoy observing others and will listen to their views before offering their own.

how we learn develop reflector1
How We Learn & DevelopReflector


Are worried by deadlines.

Dislike being thrown in at the deep end and doing things with no time to prepare.

Learn less well when acting as leader or role-playing in front of others.

how we learn develop theorist
How We Learn & DevelopTheorist


Enjoy complex situations where they have to use their skills and knowledge.

Like to question, probe ideas and think problems through step by step.

Enjoy interesting ideas or concepts even though they may not be immediately relevant.

how we learn develop theorist1
How We Learn & DevelopTheorist


Tend to be perfectionists who like to fit things into a rational scheme.

Can be uncomfortable in situations which emphasise emotion and feelings.

Learn less well without a clear purpose or when activity is unstructured or briefing is poor.

how we learn develop pragmatist
How We Learn & DevelopPragmatist


Eager to try things out.

Like concepts that can be applied to their job and are practical and down to earth.

Enjoy learning when they are shown techniques with obvious advantages or are shown a model they can copy.

how we learn develop pragmatist1
How We Learn & DevelopPragmatist


Tend to be impatient with lengthy discussions.

Dislike events or learning that is ‘all theory’ with no practice or guidelines on how to do it.

Learn less well when there is no apparent benefit to the learning.