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ETHICS. Kyle and Young Kwon. Debate Applications . Utilitarianism . Greatest good for greatest number Common good? = K_on5gEMAfM. Ethical?. Body counts Is the death of many ethical to save a few?

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Kyle and Young Kwon


  • Greatest good for greatest number

  • Common good?



  • Body counts

  • Is the death of many ethical to save a few?

  • Turrrist example- the world is a violent place and we must be realistic

  • Impotence in the face of disaster-is purity of ones intentions possible or relevant?

  • Just cleans the conscience of the supports of the prior question of morality


  • If we were to look at the world view through that of our opponents then how would be weigh competing rights claims- this would require a cost benefit analysis that is fundamentally utilitarian


  • The nature of morality and what is a good life is up for debate and based on different preferences- thus universalization is near impossible- value to life is subjective

  • Leads to violence- if we have government imposing their own moral code it has the potential to cause totalitarianism

  • The belief that certain lives are not as valuable justifies state sanctioned violence


Response to morality
Response to Morality

  • Maximize quality if life- continuing life- extinction is just more important

  • With a crisis of morality is there is always a potential that things will get better- but with threats of extinction there should be no trial and error- incomparable to any other event

  • Future generations

  • Value each life equally this the goal is to save the most possible

  • Absent pragmatism we ignore the consequences of our actions

  • Body counts- make us express to the world that war is violent and the deaths happened



  • Threshold deontology- be reasonable we should consider moral goodness up to a point

Government as an actor
Government as an actor

  • Would you rather you government make emotional decisions or one based on an objective cost-benefit analysis?

  • The individual may act unwisely but the government has to look our for all its citizens

  • There are always opportunity costs- until demand we actually grapple with the decisions and not burry our heads in the sand