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The Amazing Universe Of RC Cars PowerPoint Presentation
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The Amazing Universe Of RC Cars

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The Amazing Universe Of RC Cars
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The Amazing Universe Of RC Cars

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  1. Radio Control Models The Amazing Universe Of RC Cars

  2. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you first hear about RC cars (Radio Controlled Models)? Many would answer that RC cars are smaller versions bigger models and are battery powered. There are different types of radio controlled models that you can buy, but RC cars are surely the most popular among these types of models. Radio Control Models

  3. The best thing about RC cars is that there’s no need to find a large open place for them to move around. These amazing toy cars can move around almost on every surface. Age isn’t a factor with RC cars as these radio controlled models are extremely popular among all age groups and many adults have made it a hobby for them. These smaller versions of cars are easy to handle and operate, so you don’t need any special talents to use them. You as a parent can develop driving RC cars as a hobby, so you and your kids can spend quality time together playing with these toys. Radio Control Models

  4. RC cars are available in gas and electric versions, both having their own pros and cons. Electric Radio controlled models are quieter and doesn’t emit any harmful gases in the environment. These qualities have made electric RC cars quite popular in the arena of radio controlled models. So, which RC car you should buy? The decision is solely yours, but here is some info about both these versions that can help you in decision making process. Have a look. Radio Control Models

  5. Electric RC Cars • Run on battery packs and electric motors • Are easy to use and doesn’t make much sound, but lack in speed and power compared to nitro versions • Average speed of electric models is between of 15 to 50 km/h, but it can easily go up to 70 km/h easily. • These are best choice for beginners as you can easily operate them. Radio Control Models

  6. Nitro RC Cars • These type of RC carsrun on specially formulated nitro fuel. Nitro RC cars are quite flammable, though not as combustible as gasoline. It advisable that you drive Nitro RC cars in open as these produce exhaust vapours. • These can achieve high speed of around 110 km/h or even more. High speed depends on how well you operate these cars. • These require more maintenance compared to electric RC cars. Radio Control Models

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