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CoSAR-TS. Coalition Search and Rescue Task Support Demo – 16-Oct-2003 DARPA DAML Program AIAI, Edinburgh & IHMC, Florida. Description. To study and develop a demonstrator for Task Support in a realistic Coalition Search and Rescue scenario

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cosar ts

Coalition Search and Rescue

Task Support

Demo – 16-Oct-2003


AIAI, Edinburgh & IHMC, Florida

  • To study and develop a demonstrator for Task Support in a realistic Coalition Search and Rescue scenario
  • To show the value of linking research at AIAI work on I-X Task Support with IHMC work on KAoS Agent Policy and Domain Services
  • SONAT Elements of National Power (ENP) database extended with Binni data
  • OWL descriptions of country infrastructure
  • DAML-S descriptions of agents and services are being used
  • Feedback to the DAML-S development community are being provided
  • Input to standards efforts (e.g. SWSL)

Map Tool

Process Panel

Activity Editor

Domain Editor



Task Support Tools

kaos daml policy fragment
KAoS DAML Policy Fragment

<rdfs:Class rdf:ID='policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeefAction' daml:label='coginst_ActionClassName'>

<daml:subClassOf rdf:resource=''/>


<daml:Restriction rdf:ID='policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeefActorRestriction0'>

<daml:onProperty rdf:resource=''/>

<daml:toClass rdf:resource='#MembersOfDomainBinni'/>




<daml:Restriction rdf:ID='policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeefTargetRestriction0'>


<daml:ObjectProperty rdf:about=''/>


<daml:toClass rdf:resource='#policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeefTargetInstances0'/>




<daml:Restriction rdf:ID='policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeefTargetRestriction1'>


<daml:ObjectProperty rdf:about=''/>



<rdfs:Class rdf:about='#policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeefTargetInstances1'/>





<RDFNsId1:NegAuthorizationPolicy rdf:ID='policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeef'




<RDFNsId1:controls rdf:resource='#policy-6ef00f45-00f4-0000-8000-0000deadbeefAction'/>



kaos daml policy example
KAoS DAML Policy Example
  • Example defines negative authorization for CMU Matchmaker to return Gao Rescue Resources if the destination hospital is in Arabello
  • Why not just manage policies within the Matchmaker DAML-S descriptions themselves?
    • Perspective independence: For various reasons, either the MM service, the Coalition, or Gao may be motivated to define and manage such a policy
    • Confidentiality: It may be in the defining party’s interest not to disclose the policy to the other parties
    • Resource management independence: The policy will need to be enforced by some component that belongs to the defining party, not necessarily to the subject or target of the policy
    • Redundancy: The independence of the policy reasoning mechanisms provides a check against buggy, malicious, or poorly-designed code in the agents and services
achievements to date
Achievements to Date
  • Direct OWL file processing from I-X of BBN SONAT ENP database via HP Jena Toolkit
  • SOAP Access to SAR Resources from KAoS and I-X via Katia Sycara’s CMU Matchmaker
  • I-X linked to Norman Sadeh’s CMU Notification Agent for personalized context-aware notifications
  • Declarative representation and reasoning about KAoS policy and domain information in DAML (soon OWL)
  • Complexities of coalition organization represented in KAoS domains
  • KAoS policy-governed access to Semantic Web information and services
  • Use of KAoS to dynamically generate I-X agent relationships (peers, subordinates, superiors
further information
Further Information
additional details
Additional Details
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