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BHS Practices/Procedures/Consistency PowerPoint Presentation
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BHS Practices/Procedures/Consistency

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BHS Practices/Procedures/Consistency
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BHS Practices/Procedures/Consistency

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  1. BHSPractices/Procedures/Consistency August 13th, 2009 “Nothing endures but change.” Heraclitus

  2. Introductions: • Joe Blair – art • Liz Bratcher – full time science • Todd Boddie – social studies/coach • Brian Canard - ISS • Anne Chambliss – full time Spanish • Jesse Collett – orchestra • Jaclyn Evans – social studies/coach • Christina Gryte – Sped Aid • Doug Hansen - science

  3. Introductions: • Ali Johnson – English • Megan Keene – Math • Erin Martin – Spanish part-time • Brian Matchell –History/ Gateway/ coach • Anna McCain – medical professions • Jason McMahan – PE/BB coach • Clay Morton – Science • Lisa Nelson – south bookkeeper • Patti Neubert – speech path

  4. Introductions: • Stephanie Ordaz – science • Leslie Pappas – Counselor • Kari Penturf – math • Gina Roughton – full time librarian aid • Chris Weeks – Drafting and Design • If you have an intern, would you introduce your intern?

  5. The rest of the week: • Thursday – 12:30-3:30 – PLC time • Friday – 8:00-11:30 Dr. C. here (6 hrs) • 1:00-3:30 Special meetings or you choose • Monday - 9th grade BTS; 10-12th workday • Fine Arts and club sponsors who compete – Meeting 3:45 North faculty lounge • Tuesday (6 total hours) • 8:00-9:30 SLC Meetings • Staff development choice • Wednesday - 10th-12th BTS; 9th gr. workday

  6. Comments from Evaluations • Thank you – your evaluations help me to support you better. • Sorry that someone felt that I treated you like little kids. • I hope today will answer a lot of your questions. • Mr. Jedamski – you need better shoes. • My summer was great! Thank you for asking!

  7. Learning Outcomes • To understand specific expectations for discipline, policies and procedures. • To develop consistency and efficiency. • To make everyone’s life easier and better. • To build better working relationships.

  8. Norms • We’re going to do some group work so when I raise my hand, those who can see me will do the same and quit talking and when you see someone with a raised hand, you’ll do the same. This should take less than 5 seconds from start to finish.

  9. Group Norms • Reminder of our norms:

  10. Time to Meet some people • In just a minute, we’re going to get see which SLC is the fastest. • You will line up according to a specific topic in YOUR SLC. • As soon as the topic is announced, GO! By the color of your shirt!

  11. New Table Partners • Please move to a table with your new table members. • It’s Team Interview Time. • Write 5 questions about things you would like to know about your team members. • You’ll have 60 seconds to fire questions at one member at a time.

  12. BHS Survey • You have spoken and we have acted. • Not: “Don’t do another survey and not listen to anything.”

  13. BHS Administrators • ..\..\BHS Admin 0910\Principal duty Flow Chart

  14. Practices/Policies • Let’s go through our website. BHS NEW Website Thank Ben Warrington when you get a chance! Email Chad Scott with additional ideas for improvements.

  15. Handbooks • • BHS Website – Student and Teacher books • We do not have 200+ extra handbooks. • Make sure that you’ve reviewed. I’ll also hit some highlights during the year in my memo. • You can search by keywords.

  16. Other things to be placed on the website under “Staff Information”: • Staff list • Teacher room assignments • Seminar guidelines • Bookkeeping/Money guidelines • Absence guidelines • EVERYTHING

  17. Our goal is not just paperless… • Our goal is to quit sending you things that you lose or throw away. • Our goal is to attach them to my weekly memo and then tell you in the memo where this document has been saved. • Then when you need the info, you can go and find it. • Hold us accountable.

  18. Consistency… • When we are not consistent as adults, we confuse our students. • When we confuse our students, we lose them! • We are a team and you are an important member of this team. We need you to be consistent.

  19. What does inconsistency do? • “All staff must support and enforce them (rules). When they do not, kids get the message that they can break any rule with which they disagree.” • What Do I Do When? How to Achieve Discipline with Dignity in the Classroom by Allen Mendler

  20. What else happens? Anthony Muhammad in Transforming School Culture explains that when teachers give privileges that are not allowed in other classes, “as long as students are happy and compliant, this system remains intact…But this system tends to break down on a regular basis. Students become increasing demanding, and those concerned with achievement become frustrated with the lack of learning opportunities and begin to involve their parents.”

  21. More Help • Jason Jedamski, 9th grade/Gateway Principal, will be located in the South office putting a 9th grade principal on both floors. • Admin will be in the hallways between classes. We have assigned areas and hope to see you outside of your rooms too.

  22. Announcements • Will not be read in class. • All announcements will be sent by email to all BHS staff members and all individuals who sign up. • Encourage all students to sign up to receive them on their personal account. • Encourage all parents to sign up.

  23. Announcements • Will be scrolled in large screen TV monitors in the cafeterias. • Will be scrolled on Channel One. • Once we have Channel One working, use them: • When students are coming and going in your room • During individualized work • Other times that you want to use them with.

  24. Additional ways to communicate • Phone call system • You can target as many students as you want and be as specific as you want. See Jane Kilby (North) or Kay Roark (South) • Website • Announcements – to Vicky by previous day. • News articles – link on BHS – Teacher Tab • Email Distribution lists • Tiger Weekly • Email to me by end of day Thursday

  25. More ways to communicate • Koffee with Kim – Twice a month on Friday mornings in the Lecture Hall – come and enjoy coffee and light breakfast and chat – Sept. 4th at 7:45am-8:15. • Ask questions • Voice concerns • Voice celebrations • Just visit!

  26. And even more ways • Deb Reynolds will be doing video interviews: • Staff • Clubs • Someone who just won an event • The Coach’s prediction for this week’s game • Etc. • We’ll post on “News” for our website and send to you for your website.

  27. And it just keeps coming… • I’ll send out invitations to my calendar. You can then see what your principal does all day. • ISS for a student will no longer be an email, it will be sent as an invitation. • But that means that you have to open your calendar each morning! • Choose “accept” to Outlook invitations but don’t send a reply. (Keep that email uncluttered.)

  28. And speaking of websites… • YOUR WEBSITE is a great, easy way to communicate! • All staff members have access at to create their own if they haven’t done so. • Sept 1st – All will go live to our website and an automated call will be made to notify parents.

  29. Basic expectations of your website: • Best times to contact you • Contact number • Basic course description(s) • Test and project dates on the calendar. • Syllabus • Class expectations • Update monthly minimum

  30. Get help with your website • At E-library at these times/dates: • Friday, Aug. 14th 1:00-3:30 • Monday, Aug. 17th – all day • Tues, Aug. 18th – 9:30-3:30 • Wed, Aug. 19th – all day • It’s VERY easy – click and insert. If you can use outlook, you can do it. • NO Designing necessary!

  31. Other info to keep in mind when publishing: • http://denali/KB/article.aspx?id=10371 • http://denali/KB/article.aspx?id=10150&cNode=7P2I7O • http://denali/KB/default.aspx?cNode=7P2I7O

  32. Additional ways NOT to communicate • Mass emails to everyone • If you do this, EVERY STAFF MEMBER is going to send an email reply – YOU’VE BEEN NORMED. • Asking Kim simple questions of where to find something. • Have a buddy teacher or email your department chair • Go to our BHS Website.

  33. Unclutter the email…. • Don’t send out lists of students leaving for events to BHS Staff. • All teachers/coaches who take students out of school must submit those names by NOON of the day BEFORE the trip to the “BHS Secre-tarial Staff”. The SLC secretaries will enter SB for a student absent BEFORE the trip so teachers know. • If a student comes to school, send the SLC secretary an email that they are here and it will be changed.

  34. More uncluttering… • Don’t email to principal and bookkeeper purchase orders. • Just send to Laurie Watts for the North Bldg and Lisa Nelson for the South Bldg –AFTER getting Department Chair’s signature. • Bookkeepers will print POs and get my signature. • Only email if you want to know if you can buy something.

  35. Ways to cut costs… • Use the Print Center first - .0058. (15 or more copies) • Use the Xerox Copier 2nd - .0069 • Use the printer LAST – 3 cents each - .03 • We need your help since our budget was cut by $175,000.

  36. South Building Lounge • We’ve taken the exercise equipment out of the old south building lounge and as soon as today is over, you’ll have tables again so you have a place to eat and socialize.

  37. Print Shop • The south building print shop jobs will be taken to the south building mailroom each morning for your convenience. • The north building print shop jobs will be taken by cart instead of the scenic delivery truck to the north mailroom each morning for your convenience.

  38. Jeans Passes • Scholarship Program – Purchase passes for $2.00 to wear Professional Jeans with collared shirts EVERY Thursday. (See Laurie Watts – bookkeeper in North building. • United Way – we may have a special donation pass for some additional jeans days. • Foundation Jeans day – Feb. 1st – 5th.

  39. Faculty Dress Code • Professional Dress Monday-Thursday except for Friday’s – Jeans and college/school t-shirts are allowed. • Professional Dress does not include flip flops, shorts, jeans, or t-shirts. • Jeans should not have holes or be ragged.

  40. Fist to Five • At your table – Rank your position with “I can be consistent with everything so far.” • 5 – I agree and can lead. • 4 – I agree and can support. • 3 – I am not sure, but will trust the group opinion. • 2 – I need more discussion. • 1 – I need the alternative modified before I can support it. • Fist – I cannot support this.

  41. Seminar • Our goals are: relationship builders and prevention specialists • Build relationships with your seminar students • Look for ways to help kids succeed in school • Extra paper, pencils, organize for the day, focus for the day, etc.

  42. Two types of Seminar now: • Tuesday/Thursday Seminar • Get help with homework from teachers. (Travel) • Study or Read • Make up tests • Assemblies • Guided Study – focused help for those failing classes. • Club meetings

  43. New Seminar: • Friday Seminar/Advisory • No Travel to see teachers • Advisory Activities • Check Grades and Attendance • Special SLC speakers • Special Activities • Counselor Checklists • Students read or do homework when not doing an advisory activity. • Teachers who have duty during T/TH Seminar will do lunch duty during Friday Seminar/Advisory

  44. Seminar Goals • Tuesday/Thursday Seminar • Academic Success • Building relationships • Preventing problems • Friday Seminar/Advisory • Future plans crosschecked against current progress (Relevance) • Building relationships • Preventing problems

  45. Seminar • 1:50 Bell rings. Reading time begins. • Everyone reads until 2:05pm. We must model what we want. Stop and pick up a magazine, newspaper, or book and just relax and read. No homework is allowed yet. • 2:05 Bell rings to signal travel is permitted.

  46. Seminar • Homework or Reading. Not visiting or playing games. • Seminar is counted as academic time by the state. We could lose it if we don’t use it correctly. • 2:40 Athletes in season are released. • 3:20 Channel One comes on. Turn on your TV! In-Season Athletes can leave. • 3:35 Class is over.

  47. Seminar • No one travels without a seminar pass. • You can email a teacher and if that teacher confirms, then create a pass for that student. • No pass; no traveling; no exceptions.

  48. Tuesday/Thursday Seminar To help students travel sooner in the school year, you will not attend the SLC Principal meetings. The FLC will meet the first week with their students and then travel can begin on August 25th. Students must pass the handbook test to travel.

  49. Seminar Advisory • Email the SLC secretary if you see attendance issues. • All grades and attendance should be checked eachFriday unless you have a special SLC activity. • Email the SLC principal or counselor with grade issues. • Be that person who cares about the student whose parent can’t or won’t take the time to check on these issues. You may be the only one who helps an at-risk student stay in school or go on to college.

  50. Tuesday/Thursday Seminar • Guided Study Seminars • Counselors will change the schedule of students placed in that class. • When they are passing a class or if GS has been unsuccessful, then they will return to your class. • There will be a waiting list so please realize that an F is not automatic placement.