aptitude n.
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  1. Aptitude (Noun) Synonym- Understand Antonym- Inaptitude Def- The ability to learn or understand quickly. Sentence- Sarah has an aptitude for math, and no one knows how she learns math so quickly.

  2. Attentive (Adjective) Synonym- Alert Antonym- Inattentive Def- Observant; to be considerate to others. Sentence- John was the most attentive student in the class because he is a good listener and watches everything.

  3. Banish (Verb) Synonym- Exile Antonym- Welcome Def- To force to leave a country or place. Sentence- General Zandercoff was banished from the kingdom for treachery against the government.

  4. Barricade (Noun) or (Verb) Synonym- Blockade or Secure Antonym- Opening or Unsecure Def(noun)- A temporary structure put up to block passage; an obstacle or barrier. Def(verb)- To block an opening or passage. Sentence(noun)- The barricade in front of the gate kept intruders out of the fort since no one could get through. Sentence(verb)- The soldiers barricaded the door so no one could get in.

  5. Gusto (Noun) Synonym- Enjoyment Antonym- Disinterest Def- Great enjoyment; zest Sentence- Samantha and Bill smiled with such gusto when they saw their daughter playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz school play.

  6. Habitation (Noun) Synonym- Residence Antonym- None Def- A place in which to live; a residence. Sentence- A lions habitation is in the great plains of Africa and the forests of India.

  7. Hasten (Verb) Synonym- Quickly Antonym- Linger Def- To act or move quickly Sentence- He will have to hasten to finish his project on time.

  8. Havoc (Noun) Synonym- Destruction Antonym- Peace Def- Very great destruction or disorder. Sentence- Hurricane Sandy caused devastating havoc across the eastern seaboard.

  9. Quell (Verb) Synonym- Calm Antonym- Agitation Def- To cause a feeling to be less intense; to calm or settle Sentence- I was quelled by the music so I sang along.

  10. Recluse (Noun) Synonym- Secluded Antonym- Open Def- A person who lives alone and has little to do with others. Sentence- The hermit was recluse in never leaving his spiritual solitary abode.

  11. Recuperate (Verb) Synonym- Heal or Recover Antonym- Weaken Def- To return to normal health; to recover. Sentence- After a basketball game I have to rest and recuperate before I get ready for my next game.

  12. Replenish (Verb) Synonym- Restock Antonym- Deplete Def- To build up a supply of something again; fill again. Sentence- After drinking water Sally was replenished and her thirst was quenched.