Semi colon colon and parenthesis
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Semi-Colon, Colon, and Parenthesis. Semi-Colon. 1). Two Independent Clauses with connective meaning Example: I went to the carnival with my grandmother; she was the worst date ever!. Semi-Colon.

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Semi colon

  • 1). Two Independent Clauseswith connective meaning

  • Example:

    • I went to the carnival with my grandmother; she was the worst date ever!

Semi colon1

  • 2). Conjunctive Adverbs: however, moreover, therefore, consequently, otherwise, nevertheless, thus

  • Example:

    • I went to the carnival with my grandmother; therefore, I had a terrible time.

Semi colon2

  • 3). Avoid Confusion: Sometimes sentences will have too many commas.

  • Example:

    • We went to Chicago, Illinois; Austin, Texas; and San Francisco, California for our road trip.

Practice place semi colons where necessary explain why the sentence needed one
Practice – Place semi-colons where necessary. Explain why the sentence needed one.

  • I’m not a good man however, I’m not the worst either.

  • I was busy cleaning the house, inviting the guests, and cooking the meals, also, I was told to buy fruit, vegetables, and drinks.

  • The service learning project is almost finished what a nightmare!

  • On our road trip we travelled to Washington, D.C., Maryland, Boston, Massachusetts, and Springfield, Illinois.

  • The mock trial was very interesting to watch expressive personalities that I never knew of my students came out.

Colon the sentence needed one.

  • 1). Presenting a List of Items:

    • Example: You need to bring three things to the campsite: clothing, a sleeping bag, and a toothbrush.

Colon the sentence needed one.

  • 2). When you’re elaborating on something stated before the colon

  • Example:

    • I believe in two things: the power of nature and the unpredictability of man.

Colon the sentence needed one.

  • 3). When you’re introducing a quotation after an independent clause

  • Example:

    • I try to live by a quote from Gone With the Wind: “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

Parenthesis the sentence needed one.

  • Use Parenthesis to Enclose Supplemental Information, e.g. asides, tangents, afterthoughts.

  • Example:

    • For the last five years (some say longer), the house on the hill has been haunted.