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International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG )

International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG ). Chair: Natascha Pottier Vice Chair: Chris Hassler Vice Chair: Michael Dill. TBG Closing Plenary April 24, 2009. TBG. Results of the Week. TBG1 Supply Chain. Chair: Coen Janssen Vice Chair: Martin Forsberg

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International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG )

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  1. International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG) Chair: Natascha Pottier Vice Chair: Chris Hassler Vice Chair: Michael Dill TBG Closing Plenary April 24, 2009 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome; Italy

  2. TBG Results of the Week 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome; Italy

  3. TBG1 Supply Chain Chair: Coen Janssen Vice Chair: Martin Forsberg Vice Chair: Dr. Kim Yong Jae Secretary: Gilles Brandel, Marieme Seydi

  4. TBG1 • Two permanent sub-teams were formed: • Business Requirements Team • Data Modelling Team • Requirements management tool (wiki based) evaluated together with TBG14 • agreed this could help improve consistency of BRS documents • Meeting on BRS Despatch & Receive with TBG18 • Comments discussed and will be resolved within the next few weeks 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  5. TBG1 • Meeting on Cross Industry (CI) Invoice v2 • Agreed on response to a letter from the European Expert Group on Electronic Invoicing jointly with TBG5 and TBG12 • Worked on final additions for CI Invoice v2 • Discussed future plans with TBG3, TBG6 and TBG8 • Preparation work for 09B submission: • will include: Market Research, CI Ordering, CI Catalogue, CI Scheduling • Potentially: CI Despatch and Receive (Shipping) and CI Quotation 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  6. TBG3 Transport and Logistics Chair: Dominique Vankemmel, France ViceChair: YoshiKito, Japan ViceChair: Simon Spoormaker, Netherlands Secretary: Henk Van Maaren, Netherlands Liaisons : ISO/TCs 104,154,204 & 8, ANSI X12I, WCO

  7. TBG3 • Elections of TBG3 Officers: the current Chairs and two Vice-Chairs have been re-elected for a new mandate ending at the CEFACT Forum autumn 2010 • Participate in the Stakeholders meetings regarding UNeDocs • Report and discussion items from the TBG3 interim meeting in Geneva February 2009 including meeting officials from UN Transport Division • Prepare new project proposals for individual transport multimodal processes based on the overall BRS for IFTM ( International Forwarding Transport) • Transport Status Reporting • Transport Instructions • Dangerous Goods Declaration • Waybill ( including Road CMR, Railways CIM, Maritime Bill of Lading..) • Further developments will include: Manifest, Booking and Scheduling 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  8. TBG3 • Prepare the next release Version 3 of the ITIGG worldwide implementation guidelines for EDIFACT and XML (General recommendations, Principles and Rules, business processes and message sets) • Joint meetings with other groups: • TBG1: e-Invoicing CII for freight invoicing • TBG4: Customs: WCO Data model V3.0, GOVCBR, SAFE framework, UCR • TBG6: Security project • UBL TSC Transport Subcommittee: workplan, harmonization TSC submissions with CCL 08.B • Schedule future work plan: TBG3 Interim meeting 29 June - 3 July in Paris and conference calls • Presentation of current implementations and projects: Korea maritime XML , Swiss Freight Forwarders/GS1, France GESFIM and ASICOM…. 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  9. TBG4Customs Chair: Mats Wicktor Vice Chair: Satya Prasad Sahu

  10. TBG4 • Processing of ~100 DMRs with ATG1 including DMR for GOVCBR-message • Attendance in BSP/UNeDocs-Stakeholder Meeting • Sit-in with TBG3 • Sit-in with TBG15 • Sit-in on TBG14/TBG15 Trade Facilitation Model Project 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  11. TBG5Finance Chair: Stig Korsgaard Vice Chair: Mark Sutton Vice Chair: Pierfranco Cei Secretary: James Whittle

  12. TBG5 • Work this week • Review of TBG5 internal items and work • Update on activities with relevance to TBG5 • Joint meeting with TBG1 on Cross Industry Invoice V2 • Coordinating activities with TBG1 on Remittance Advice • Update on Forum development 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  13. TBG6Architecture, Engineering and Construction Chair: Bernard Longhi Vice Chair: Jun-Ichi Yamashita Vice Chair: Chris Hassler

  14. TBG6 • TBG6 Participants in Rome coming from Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Taïwan, United Kingdom, United States… 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  15. TBG6 Work hosted by TBG6 during Rome Forum eTendering (for public and private procurement) PSCPM (Project Schedule and Cost Performance Management) CFEM (Contract Financial Execution Management Security (for Messages and Documents) Work on v2 for D09A Tuesday 21 am Adoption v2 and V3 for D08B/D09A Monday 20 pm Work on BRS v2 Thursday 22 am Work on BRS v2 Wednesday 22am SCHEMAS + Inter-PG Work with MRI on “Restrictions requirements” and methodo Tuesday 21 pm + Invoice joint meeting with TBG1 Wednesday 22 pm RSM BRS 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  16. TBG6 • Two follow-ups linked with MRI for Invoicing (CFEM) and eTendering projects • Ad-hoc virtual workshop on CCTS/NDR V3.0 messages generation • Initial discussion with ATG about links to “Implementation Packages” • Preparation of eTendering v2 CRs, incl. feedback from real implementations and from the European CEN/BII project 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  17. TBG6 • Preparation of PSCPM v2 CRs • Security Project: progressing of two sets of functional requirements (“certification”, confidentiality); • Collaboration of TBG6-TBG19 on a gap analysis regarding eNotification with existing UN/CEFACT eTendering Standard 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  18. TBG8 Insurance Chair: Andreas Schultz Vice Chair: Beth Grossman Secretary: Jan Vrijenhoek Liaison(s) : ACORD, eEG7

  19. TBG8 • Worked on general issues • Discussion on how to integrate the national standards on a global level • Integration of the insurers standards with the re-insurers standards • Start discussion on integration of insurance processes into the Buy-Ship-Pay model • Confluence website • Joint Meetings with TBG1, 5, 17 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  20. TBG8 • Worked on P6 project: Insurance Core Components Library • Tools • Publication • Workplan • Start harmonisation of Motor Claims data • Continue work on Health Insurance Reimbursement 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  21. TBG9 Travel, Tourism and Leisure Chair: Akio Suzuki Vice Chair: Junny Ko

  22. TBG9 • Elections took place April 20, 2009 • We have discussed and learned: • Small scaled lodging house information project (Lodging house and product information ) • Korean Travel Information System, developed in Korea and fully functioning in 2010 • The coming standardization activity of its software products based on the UN/CEFACT Methodologies and Procedures 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome; Italy

  23. TBG12Accounting and Audit Chair: Michel Lesourd Vice Chair: Alain Bernard

  24. TBG12 • Election TBG12 officers • Accounting Entry message in CCL08B • AccountingChart of Accounts • Submitted to TBG17 • Harmonization F2F Amsterdam (Wish) • Reporting (joint project TBG18) • Submission to TBG17 foreseenshortly • Accounting Message (joint project TBG18) • BRS submittedthisweek to TBG StC • … 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome; Italy

  25. TBG12 • Ledger • BRS development in progress • Delegation to other TBG meetings • TBG1 (CII - accounting ABIEs) • Attending the meeting with TBG17 • TBG18 • New project: • Journal: a new project to be approved by StC. • XBRL GL • Discover steps to map XBRL GL with TBG12 messages • To be review with TBG17 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  26. TBG12 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  27. TBG14Business Process Analysis Chair: Niki Sahling Vice Chair: Colin Clark

  28. TBG14 • Finalized BSP process model 2009A • EA version of UMM compliant BRSs • Achievements since 2008A: Catalogue, Waste Transport, Customs, Despatch and Receive Goods, Scheduling, Remittance Advice, Quotation • Published on TBG14 HP the next days • “International Trade Facilitation Model” joined project TGB14/15 • Amended the proposal based on feedback we have received 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  29. TBG14 • Meetings with other TBGs • Procedure to use UMM & the BSP to produce BRS’s • Ongoing cooperation for new/recent BRS’s • Accounting Token (TBG12), Quotation (TBG1) • MRI (Sunday and Tuesday) • TBGs have agreed on a joined effort to do CII as a CCTS 3.0 Implementation Verification a.s.a.p. to support the 3.0 product suite • Planning workshop (virtual?) dedicated to CII Implementation Verification • Architecture of UN/CEFACT identified and discussed as one of the most important issues 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  30. TBG15International Trade Procedures Chair: Gordon Cragge Vice Chair: Jari Salo Vice Chair: Marianne Wong

  31. TBG15 • Revision of existing and development of new UN/CEFACT Recommendations • Recommendation 6, Annex for e-Invoicing • Recommendation 34, Data Simplification and Standardisation for International Trade • Recommendation 35, Legal Guidance for Single Window in International Trade • Recommendation 12, Maritime Transport Documents – review current status of revision • All Public Review (ODP Step 5) comments reviewed and where appropriate accepted • Preparation of the Publication Drafts and request to Forum and Plenary to move to ODP Step 7

  32. TBG15 • Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide • Meeting of the Project Team established improved management and communication process • Reviewed latest versions of Guide package components • Set realistic timetable for delivery and launch

  33. TBG15 • Development of International Trade Facilitation Model • Joint meeting with TBG14 – Business Process Analysis Working Group. Poorly attended by TBG Working Groups • Reviewed Project Proposal and agreed to new Purpose, Scope and Target Audiences • Revised Project Proposal to be completed at interim meeting in May 2009 in London • Submission to TBG Steering Committee and Forum Management Group for approval

  34. TBG16 Entry Point & Web Site Chair : Alain Dechamps

  35. TBG16 • Met FPT, had fruitful discussions but timing was short. Have decided to have a conference call next Wednesday to finalize the TBG Work Flow comments review • XML Change Request: Process of the first real CRs submitted to TBG6 • ATG1: new TBG4 message went through with 90 other related DMRs 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  36. TBG17 Core Component Harmonisation Chair: Mary Kay Blantz ViceChair: Hussam El-Leithy ViceChair: Marion Royal ViceChair: HisanaoSugamata Secretary: Delta Pilgrim

  37. TBG17 Mission Responsible for consistency and harmonization of core components acrossbusiness domains and sectors, contributing to a concise and well-defined glossary of business terms, business data semantic definitions, and structuring of data exchanges. 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  38. TBG17 • TBG17 met for only two hours this week • Very productive joint meeting with UBL • Two Lunch & Learn Sessions • F2F Meeting May 4-8, 2009 in Amsterdam 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  39. TBG18Agriculture Chair: Bruno Prépin Vice Chair: Frans van Diepen

  40. TBG18 • eCERT • Additionnal documentation for implementation • NAPPO Conference : Electronic Phytosanitary Certification Workshop - 19-21 May, Ottawa, Canada • Accounting Message • BRS validated by TBG 18 / TBG12 and submitted to StC • Dispatch and Receive Advice • Joint Meeting with TBG1 • Recommendations sent to TBG1 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  41. TBG18 • Other Projects: • Cattle Registration Information Exchange: BRS out for public review by May 6, 2009 – Harmonization to be done • Data Exchange Proxy pending StC approval • Discussion about the process of how to reach interoperability between UN/CEFACT, OGC and ISO • Buy-Ship-Pay UNeDocs – 3 sessions attended to discuss linkages between Stakeholders 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  42. TBG19eGovernment Chair: vacant Secretary (Acting): Sylvie Colas

  43. TBG19 • Ongoing projects • eArchiving • RSM to be circulated in September 2009 • Submision to harmonsation process before end of 2009 • Steering of joint project ePP (electronic Public Procurement) • No need of a steering committee meeting • Delays observed in CEN BII activity which impact the schedule • Work continuing mainly in TBG1 and TBG6 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  44. TBG19 • New proposal: eNotification • Agreement reached between TBG 6 and 19 • Proposal withdrawn from the TBG St agenda by TBG 19 • Gap analysis to be performed by the eNotification team with TBG 6 project leaders of eTendering project • Gap analysis results will be used as a basis for future decisions • Target date: Before or at Sapporo Forum 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy

  45. TBG19 • Vacancy of chairmanship: • France can no longer assume Chairmanship and Secretariat • No candidature received in Rome • French proposal • to maintain support to on-going projects and a representation of TBG19 in the Forum • Sylvie Colas to act as acting secretariat (relation to TBG Steering and Forum processes for TBG19) , and be present in forum meetings • Main activity by correspondance and conference calls; physical meetings where necessary. • Efforts continue to find candidates in collaboration with TBG Management 14th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Rome, Italy


  47. TBG TBG would like to express their sincere Thanks to Paula Heilig and Robert Lemense for their invaluable support over the many last years!

  48. See you in Sapporo


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