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International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG) PowerPoint Presentation
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International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG)

International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG)

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International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG)

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  1. International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG) Chair: Natascha Pottier Vice Chair: Chris Hassler Vice Chair: Michael Dill 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  2. TBG Working Groups Only 4 minutes !! 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  3. TBG Working Groups 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  4. TBG1 Supply Chain Chair: Coen Janssen Vice Chair: Martin Forsberg Vice Chair: Dr. Kim Yong Jae Secretary: Gilles Brandel, Marieme Seydi

  5. TBG1 Supply ChainResults • Catalogue – BRS out for second review • Work on data model and 09A submission started • eMarket Research • Work on data model and 09A submission started • Agreed to use Cross Industry Invoice as implementation verification pilot for CCTS 3.0 / NDR 3.0 • Initiative to improve business requirement management • Based on UMM • Together with TBG14 and other interested groups • Testing procedures of XML Schemas • new XML schemas should be tested against XML instance files as part of the audit and QA procedure 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  6. TBG2 UNeDocs and Digital Paper Chair: Connor O’Riordan

  7. Discussions held on new project proposal on how to move UNeDocs to the B-S-P Project No nominations for chair was received, one nomination for Vice Chair was received, Connor O’Riordan, according to procedure Connor takes up position of acting chair TBG2 UNeDocs and Digital Paper 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  8. TBG3 Transport Chair: Dominique Vankemmel, France ViceChair: YoshiKito, Japan ViceChair: Simon Spoormaker, Netherlands Secretary: Henk Van Maaren, Netherlands Liaisons : ISO/TCs 104,154,204 & 8, ANSI X12I, WCO

  9. TBG3 Transport Achievements • Review deliverables items from the 2 TBG3 interim meetings since Mexico:BRS International Forwarding & Transport endorsed by UN/CEFACT Plenary Sept08 - Core Components Transport joint submission TBG2/3 harmonized by TBG17 published in CCL 08.A • Learning sessions for new comers on TBG3 work items • Prepare future developments of transport subsets from SHIP BIM (UNeDocs), next BRS :Transport Instructions, Status Reporting, CMR Road Consignment Note and Container message, for production of XML schemas (Ref: TBG3 Resolution Oct08) • Review and agree TBG3 DMRs with ATG1 • Discuss work plan for next release V3 of the ITIGG worldwide implementation guidelines for EDIFACT and XML (General recommendations, Principles and Rules, business processes and message sets) 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  10. TBG3 Transport Achievements • Joint meetings with other groups: TBG2 UneDocs( BSP BIM), TBG6 (Security project), TBG4 Customs WCO • UBL coordinator: discuss and finalize work plan 2008-2009 with UBL TSC • Joint meeting with GS1 / eCOM Logistics Work group: harmonize their BRAD model with the TBG3 BRS Forwarding/Transport • Give a presentation at the National eBusiness Day in Dakar 12 Nov • Schedule future work plan: TBG3 Interim meetings: 23-27 February 2009 in Geneva (joint mtg with the UN Inland Transport Committee), 29 June - 3 July in Paris • Update on the ISO standards developments: TC104, TC204 (ITS) and TC8 • Presentation of current implementations and projects: ShortseaXML, France GESFIM…. 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  11. TBG4 Customs Chair: Mats Wicktor Vice Chair: tbd

  12. TBG4 Customs Interactive session with a number of TBGs (TBG18, TBG14) Successfully processed 309 UN/EDIFACT DMRs with ATG Presentation on WCO Data Model V 3.0 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  13. TBG6Architecture – Engineering - Construction Chair: Bernard Longhi Vice Chair: Jun-Ichi Yamashita Vice Chair: Chris Hassler

  14. TBG6 Architecture – Engineering - Construction TBG6 attendees in Saly: Participants coming from France, India, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Taïwan, United Kingdom, United States… 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  15. TBG6 Architecture – Engineering - Construction eTendering (for public and private procurement) PSCPM (Project Schedule and Cost Performance Management) CFEM (Contract Financial Execution Management Security (for Messages and Documents) Work on v2 for D09A Adoption v2 and V3 for D08B/D09B Work on BRS v2 , draft RSM and CR ABIE breakdown statement Work on BRS v2 SCHEMAS + Inter-PG Work on “Restrictions requirement” RSM BRS 14 November, 2008 TBG6 / Bernard Longhi

  16. TBG12 Accounting& Audit Chair: Robert Lemense ViceChair: Michel Lesourd

  17. TBG12 Accounting & Audit Election is postponed to the next Forum Accounting Entry RSM and support documents sent for inclusion in Registry and message production (09A) Accounting Chart of Accounts BRS submited to TBG StC on Oct 27, comments or / and approval expected by 4 weeks time (Nov 24) Reporting (joint project TBG18) BRS submited to TBG StC on Nov 12 , comments or / and approval expected by 4 weeks time (Dec 11) 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  18. TBG12 Accounting & Audit Meeting TBG6 Update on « Accounting Token » « Accounting Token » possible usage in TBG6 business messages Status of TBG12 projects Accounting Message Propose soon a joint project with TBG18 Work on data model and data discovery BRS first draft ready for review within EEG11/TBG12 News: XBRL GL intends to rejoin TBG12 as of the next Forum 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  19. TBG14 Business Process Analysis Chair: Ian Watt ViceChair: Niki Sahling ViceChair: Colin Clark

  20. TBG14 Achievements • “International Trade Facilitation Model” Project Proposal Submitted to TBG by TGB14/15 • TBG1: BRS Catalogue • TBG4: initial meeting with new representative from WCO 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  21. TBG14 Modelling Reference Initiative (MRI) • very calm and positive discussion • we focused on the issues • we had all Permanent Groups sitting around one table • very well attended (about 50) • Open discussion; TBG provided examples of the difficulties they faced producing business standards. It initiated a discussion among the PGs how to solve these issues • It was noted that most of the issues would probably be addressed by CCTS 3.0, NDR3.0, the “three library framework” and UCM 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  22. TBG14 MRI Conclusions • TBG will review CCTS 3.0 as soon as possible • TBG will review current submission(s) to see how much reworking is necessary if any • ATG will support TBG and consider change requests to NDR3.0 as part of the implementation verification ODP step (TMG do the same for CCTS 3.0) • TMG will provide a draft for CCTS 3.0 until end of November 2008 • TMG will work with TBG17 to update the harmonization and published CCL spreadsheets • It was suggested that there will be a design guidance document produced to assist the development process • There was mutual agreement that there must be a joint effort of all PGs for the production of a design guide. It is expected that this guide will be a living document during early the development status 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  23. TBG14 MRI Conclusions • TBG1 will use Invoice v2 for Implementation Verification of CCTS 3.0 • TBG will support TMG and ATG to achieve an approved status for CCTS 3.0 and NDR 3.0 as soon as practicable well maintaining the high quality expected from UN/CEFCACT • TBG17 recognizes that some procedural changes will be required • TBG would need to decide to use CCTS 3.0 rules for harmonizing for the implementation verification as a separate ‘package’. TBG17 will need to work with a specific ABIE library. • Joint Meetings to be arranged for the end of January 2009 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  24. TBG15 International Trade Procedures Chair: Gordon Cragge, UK ViceChair: JariSalo, Finland ViceChair: Marianne Wong, Malaysia

  25. TBG15 International Trade Procedures • Revision of UN/CEFACT Recommendations • Recommendation 6, Annex for e-Invoicing – approved move to ODP Step 7, publication • Recommendation 18, Single Transport Contract Code – reviewed current status of proposed revision • Development of UN/CEFACT Recommendations • Recommendation 34, Data Simplification and Standardisation for International Trade – approved move to further iteration of ODP Step 5 Public review • Recommendation 35, Establishing a Legal Framework for International Trade Single Window – approved move to ODP Step 5 Public review 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  26. TBG15 International Trade Procedures • Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide • Received reports on Pilot Workshops in Uganda (national) and Malaysia (ASEAN regional) • Agreed feedback on current Guide for submission to Contractor • Development of International Supply Chain Model • Agreed joint work item with TBG14 (Business Process Analysis Working Group) for development of International Trade Facilitation Model • Finalised Project Proposal and Call for Participation for submission to TBG Steering Committee and FMG for approval 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  27. TBG16 Entry Point & Web Site Chair : Alain Dechamps

  28. TBG16 Entry point • Change request follow up for XML UN/CEFACT standards: will start in the next weeks • Work on the structure of the new Confluence tool proposed by the UN/CEFACT secretariat • Participate in the ATG1 review (EDI DMR) : Approved: 75 Mended : 262Postponed: 4 Rejected: 12Withdrawn: 1 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  29. TBG17 Core Component Harmonisation Chair: Mary Kay Blantz ViceChair: HussamEl-Leithy ViceChair: Marion Royal ViceChair: HisanaoSugamata Secretary: Delta Pilgrim

  30. TBG 17 Core Component Harmonisation Responsible for consistency and harmonization of core components acrossbusiness domains and sectors, contributing to a concise and well-defined glossary of business terms, business data semantic definitions, and structuring of data exchanges. 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  31. TBG 17 HarmonisationProgram of work • Core Component Libraries (CCL) 07A, 07B and 08A production • CCL 09A in process. Submission deadline is 31 December 2008 • TBG13 (Waste Movement), RosettaNet, TBG9……. • Worked with PGs • TBG Issue list resolved • Audit issue for CCL08B addressed  CCL08B is expected to pass Audit soon !! 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  32. TBG 17 HarmonisationNext Meetings • 9 – 13 February: Washington, DC area • 20 – 24 April: Rome (Forum) • 4 – 8 May: Amsterdam  To be confirmed • 3 – 7 August: Vienna • 28 September – 2 October, Sapporo (Forum) • 5 – 9 October: Tokyo 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  33. TBG18 Agriculture Chair : Bruno PREPIN Vice-Chair : Frans VAN DIEPEN

  34. TBG18 AgricultureResults of the week • Status of projects : • eCERT : standard approved – schemagenerated, awaiting final approval and publishing • eDAPLOS : standard approved – schemagenerated, awaiting final approval and publishing • Submission of 3 BRS • Cattle Registration and movement data exchange and animal passport • Data exchange proxy • Financial Reporting (Joint project with TBG 12) • Work on projectsproposals : • Tracking and tracingfish • Livestock Life Record • Work on TBG 18 booklet of presentation 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  35. TBG18 AgricultureNextSteps • Tentatively eCERT plan meeting in Canada in May, 2009 sponsored by NAPPO (North American Plant Protection Organization) and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)More information available later on NAPPO website : • CEN EEG 14/TBG 18 Meeting, in Germany , Darmstadt , December 1-2, 2008 • Next UN/CEFACT - Forum in Rome – April 20-24th 2009 • New project proposal : Wood and forrest supply chain 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  36. TBG 19 eGovernment Chair: J-P Henninot Secretary: Sylvie Colas

  37. TBG19 eGovernment • Projects • eArchiving status • Draft BRS submitted to TBG steering before the meeting • Joint project ePP (Public Procurement) • Description of transition (work flow) between BII and CEFACT made by a drafting team • Restores confidence that convergence objectives can be met • Enables to update the role of the ePPproject • Steering Committee held • Agreed to revise the ePP project description • ePP will more TBG19 related • Collaborative approach between the three TBGs is kept 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  38. TBG19 eGovernment • Other items • Chairmanship • France can not continue; need to find a new team in Rome at the latest • A specific call should be made to the Plenary HoDs • eNotification • The initiator (European OPOCE) aims at a CEFACT standard • Developped a BRS within EG 13 group • Will review it within the BII group • Should preferably continue to work directly in TBG 6 (see ePP conclusions) • No WI defined therefore in TBG 19 • Potential future subject • There is a European Project for specifying messages for Social Security informations • Contacts to be taken to assess the interest for CEFACT 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal

  39. Next Forum Meeting 14th UN/CEFACT Forum - Rome, Italy 20 - 24 April 2009

  40. Next Forum Meeting 13th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Saly, Senegal