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MAN-UP: A 3-Step Framework

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MAN-UP: A 3-Step Framework - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MAN-UP: A 3-Step Framework . …for Cultivating the Mature Masculine Power YOU KNOW You Have Inside of You. Who am I???. Bryan Ogilvie How to “Get Focused…” 100% Virtual…. What We’ll Build On…. Women & Dating, Self-Esteem, and Mind Power Disclaim #1: “I ain’t all that…”

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man up a 3 step framework

MAN-UP: A 3-Step Framework

…for Cultivating the Mature Masculine Power

YOU KNOW You Have Inside of You.

who am i
Who am I???
  • Bryan Ogilvie
  • How to “Get Focused…”
  • 100% Virtual…
what we ll build on
What We’ll Build On…
  • Women & Dating,
  • Self-Esteem, and
  • Mind Power
    • Disclaim #1: “I ain’t all that…”
      • not a total guide/opinion
      • macho & money (vs. internal aspects)
    • Disclaim #2: “Make ME make it clear…”
the tree of life science
The “Tree of Life Science.”

1.) Women & Dating…


2.) Self-Esteem

(Inner Game)

3.) Your Subconscious


a self controlled man
A “Self-Controlled” Man…
  • A brother who’s in control of himself and in control of his reality (world)
  • Not “controlling” or domineering, but


  • “Comfortable in his own skin…”
  • NOT approval-seeking…
      • what I’ve found
      • spectrum
    • first date example
    • praise-example
    • feelings-example
    • always asking
  • annoying (i.e: not attractive)
  • But all these are EXAMPLES – the main thing is “being a chump vs. being a magnetic force.”
  • You are the value…
qualities that attract women
Qualities that Attract Women
  • These are general
  • Mix & match NATURALLY:
      • Humor
      • Imagination
      • Intelligence
      • Dedication/Commitment
      • A sense of order
      • Courage
      • Social currency
      • Compassion/Empathy
  • Ambition
  • Leadership
  • Simplicity
  • Thoughtful
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Adventurous
  • Class/Culture
  • Disinterested/Challenge
the approach
The Approach…
  • Observation – Converse – Close
      • Be present
      • Show your personality
  • On Fear/Anxiety
      • “wielding to fear creates the feared result…”
      • Repetitious exposure
  • Always take the next step…
3 deadly mistakes
3 Deadly Mistakes…
  • “Rescuing” her…
      • White-knight fantasy
      • Accept her for who she is, BEFORE you get that involved with her
  • Pitying her
      • Healthy women choose healthy men.
      • A woman’s choices reflect HER self-esteem.
  • “Understanding” her
      • Read excerpt
additional advice
Additional Advice…
  • She’s a HUMAN BEING
      • Idolize/Objectify spectrum
  • Have male friends (who are successful)
  • Have female friends (like a girl you’d like)
  • Have everything going for you you can
      • Keep your apartment/dormroom neat
      • Keep your haircut (done), fingernails, etc.
      • Anything that’s within your realm of control.
more resources
More Resources
  • My blog post “What Do Women Want (Bryan’s Take On It…)”:


  • “Double Your Dating” by David Deangelo:

session ii on building self esteem
Session II: On Building Self-Esteem

“Ability determines the quantity of women you attract; IDENTITY determines the quality…”

  • Self-esteem is the relationship you have with your own process of perception
      • How well you honor your intuitive thoughts and feelings
      • Mental-esteem (Judgment)
      • emotional esteem (Self-worth)
      • Child example/media example/ social pressure
  • Some steps:
      • Stop equating your identity with your results
      • FORGIVE YOURSELF for mistakes you’ve made.
      • Book excerpt…, and lastly
  • Physical Modeling
      • Alert eyes
      • Relaxed jaw
      • Relaxed face
      • Chin naturally aligns with their body
      • Arms hang in a natural, relaxed way,
      • Relaxed posture,
      • Purposeful walk
  • Behavioral Modeling
      • Way of walking, and disposition express JOY
      • Speak about accomplishments and failures/shortcomings HONESTLY
      • Comfortable giving and receiving comliments AND criticism
      • Spontaneous
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Radio show called “The Dynamics of High Self-Esteem: Insights & Techniques for Greater Confidence”:
  • The Dragon-Slayer

w/ a Heavy Heart by

Marcia Powers:

session iii the subconscious mind
Session III: The Subconscious Mind

“Men are anxious to change their circumstances, but hesitant to change themselves…they therefore remain bound.”

  • The subconscious mind is the totalitarian government of the population known as your thoughts, feelings and consequent behaviors.
as we all know
As We All Know…
  • The mind is a computer…but, WE can be the “computer programmer”
  • 95-99% of thinking
      • Habits of thought
      • Self-image/Identity
      • View of what reality is
  • We “think” our thinking is objective…
the analogy is source code
The Analogy is “Source Code”
  • Here’s a typical website:

In order to alter the website (thoughts, feelings and emotions), you need to learn “hand-coding” (skills that allow you to re-condition your subconscious thought)

      • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
      • Eastern Meditation
      • Free Association (Psychotherapy technique)
      • Self-Hypnonsis (don’t get shook)
      • Affirmations
get your mind right software
“Get Your Mind Right” Software
  • Technically, “Think Right Now Intl. Accelerated Success Conditioning for Thought & Behavior Modification”
more resources1
More Resources…
  • My blog, “Fundamental Mind-Power Skills that Make ANYTHING Possible…”:
  • Think Right Now Intl.’s programs:
in conclusion
In Conclusion
  • There’s an INTERNAL dynamic to mature masculine development that most males completely ignore:
      • Seeing yourself as the source of power
      • Honoring the relationship you have w/ your own perception, judgment and instincts
      • Exercising conscious control over your thinking process….
remember the tree
Remember the Tree:

Results in life are REFLECTIVE of internal states and subconscious limitations.

If you want to change the website, you have to change the source code FIRST…

recommended scrolls
Recommended Scrolls
  • Reading isn’t just fun-damental, it also “FUNDS the mental.”
    • From Niggas to Gods (by Akil)
    • The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
    • The Way of the Superior Man (David Deida)
peace any questions



PEACE!Any questions???

“The fool who ask is a fool for five minutes; the fool who keeps silence remains so for the span of his life…”