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M Cubed. Micro-Credentials. Metadata. MOOCs. Defining a MOOC. Massive : Extremely large numbers Open: O pen entry to all participants regardless of ability or location Online: U se network technologies for communication and information sharing

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M cubed

M Cubed




Defining a mooc
Defining a MOOC

  • Massive: Extremely large numbers

  • Open: Open entry to all participants regardless of ability or location

  • Online: Use network technologies for communication and information sharing

  • Course: There are defined start and end dates and tasks

The purpose of moocs
The purpose of MOOCs:

  • Idealistically (p6): The development of MOOCs is rooted within the ideals of openness in education, that knowledge should be shared freely, and the desire to learn should be met without demographic, economic, and geographical constraints.

  • Reality (p4): The rapid expansion of MOOCs has sparked commercial interest from venture capitalists and major corporations who want to enter the HE market using a MOOC approach.

Defining cmooc and xmooc
Defining cMOOC and xMOOC

Different ideologies have seen MOOCs eveolve in two pedagogical directions:

  • ConnectivistMOOCs (cMOOC) which are based on a connectivism theory of learning with networks developed informally; and

  • Content-basedMOOCs (xMOOCs), which follow a more behaviourist approach and have been launched by “brand” institutions (Harvard, MIT …. …).

Brain storm activity 1
Brain-Storm Activity 1

Which purpose / definition of MOOC best fits the ITP sector?

  • Use a post-it-note to describe in 1 sentence

    • Why one is the best fit,

    • why the other it not the best fit?

  • Use white-board to display “post-it-note”

Metadata and moocs
Metadata and MOOCs

  • How will learners discover MOOCs

  • How will they know what will be learnt

  • Duration …. ……..

Brain Storm

Use post it note to describe a field.

Place in appropriate order on wall

An Example: http://www.ibiblio.org/pomerantz/wiki/index.php/INLS_720:_Metadata

Micro credentials and moocs
Micro-Credentials and MOOCs

Micro-Credentials / Badges

A badge is a validated indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that is linked to an individual

Brain storm activity 3
Brain-Storm Activity 3

  • MOOCs are catalyzing exploration of alternative credentialing systems, including certifying prior knowledge.

  • What should be included

  • Micro-credentials Badges: https://github.com/mozilla/openbadges/wiki/Assertions

Round table where are the librarians
Round-Table Where are the librarians?

  • http://hastac.org/blogs/elizabeth-dill/2012/08/14/moocs-where-are-librarians