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Universal Thoughts & Questions

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Universal Thoughts & Questions. Society. an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes (www.dictionary.com). Community.

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  • an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes (www.dictionary.com)
  • a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage (www.dictionary.com).
society vs community
Society vs. Community
  • Society is on a larger scale
  • Community is more localized
  • So, for instance…
    • RHS can be a society
    • Class of 2010 can be a community
political structure government
Political Structure: Government

Types of Government

  • Monarchy: rule by one person
  • Oligarchy: rule by a small group or committee
  • Democracy: rule by the people (through voting)
  • (Theocracy itself, or rule by a god or gods, is not a form of government. There may be theocratic monarchies, oligarchies, or even democracies.)
  • (Anarchy: no government structure. Each person takes care of him/herself.)

Functions of Government

  • Legislate: make laws
  • Adjudicate: judge laws
  • Execute: enforce laws

The Three Factors of Production

  • Land: raw materials, natural resources
  • Labor: human effort, mental or physical
  • Capital: tools

Distribution and Trade

  • Direct barter: exchanging one good or service for another
  • Indirect barter: using a symbolic token to procure what is needed

Consumption: Use of Goods

social customs education groupings
Social: Customs, Education, Groupings

Customs: Ways of doing things.

weddings, funerals, ceremonies, rites of passage

Education: learning ways of doing things in order to be an effective, responsible member of society.

levels of education, self education, family education, application, college, tech school

Groupings: things that distinguish individuals from one another

Race, gender, economic status, religion

religion existence
Religion: Existence
  • What all religions have in common
    • Separation of spiritual and material reality
    • Material is transitory; spiritual is permanent
    • Some form of ritual/practice to focus the mind on the spiritual
artistic intellectual
Artistic/ Intellectual
  • Intellectual (from Latin intellego: I understand/perceive)
  • Attempts to understand/discern the world/society/individual, inquiry into the nature of things.

Types of Art

  • music
  • visual arts
  • dance
  • drama/literature
  • Functions of Art
  • Art as communication (with God, society, other individuals)
  • Art as didactic/teaching
  • Art to give pleasure (catharsis)
  • Art to praise or criticize society
  • Art for art’s sake (ars gratia artis)
what would happen without
What would happen without…
  • Government to oversee laws and systems?
  • Economic structure to help provide balance for the people?
  • Social customs or rituals?
  • Systems of Education?
  • A belief in a higher power or spiritual being?
have you ever broken the law

Have you ever broken the law?

Would you consider yourself a good person?

you should always defend your friends and family no matter what even if it means lying for them

You should always defend your friends and family no matter what, even if it means lying for them?

would you lie for a family member

Would you lie for a family member?

Is this what is expected?

senator joseph mccarthy
Who did he use as a scapegoat for the fear tactics he employed?

When things began to fall apart, how did McCarthy use scapegoats?

Senator Joseph McCarthy
Who did Hitler use as his scapegoat for his plan?

Would you consider Hitler a scapegoat?

think of how many people followed hitler why what did he offer them what did he cause them to fear
Think of how many people followed Hitler? Why? What did he offer them? What did he cause them to fear?
what other groups or organizations do people follow

What other groups or organizations do people follow?

Why do they do so even when they know it is most likely wrong?


Jaycee Dugar was held captive in a series of backyard tents for over 18 years. The man who abducted her also fathered two children with her.

strangely enough jaycee never attempted to run even though she had the chance

Strangely enough Jaycee never attempted to run, even though she had the chance.

Does this mean that the man who abducted her was not as evil as thought?

define evil
Define Evil.
  • What do you have to do, or be, to be labeled evil?
  • What is evil in our society?
  • How has our image of evilness changed over the past 100 years?