access my library mobile apps for traveler databases n.
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Access My Library : Mobile Apps for Traveler Databases PowerPoint Presentation
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Access My Library : Mobile Apps for Traveler Databases

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Access My Library : Mobile Apps for Traveler Databases - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Access My Library : Mobile Apps for Traveler Databases
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  1. Access My Library: Mobile Apps for Traveler Databases Rachel Shankles Lakeside High School Hot Springs, AR 71901

  2. From the Traveler Portal page

  3. Mobile Apps Advantages • Gives your students access to primary sources and good sources in our Traveler databases • 24/7 access to our databases • Great use of mobile devices in the classroom • Alternative to computer lab when lab not available • They can get info for Socratic discussions for points by scanning docs from these resources

  4. My Favorite Mobile Library App Two Ways to get this app: Scan the qr code if you have a qr code reader; the poster has the qr code for android and iphone to take the student directly to the app to download it Just search the app store on iphone or ipod or ipad and locate the GREEN AML and get it; or on Android search for it on LivePlay or your Store

  5. Gale’s AML Mobile Apps • Access My Library is green for public schools • Free thru Traveler • Call them to get your school name put into the program for first time logins---they pick state then school name then input the password for your school • Only login once- the first time for each device and it holds the pw • Looks different on cell phones than on ipads • Fabulous on ipads • If you purchase any Gale databases talk to them to put them into the app with the Traveler ones • This has been super for our kids this year

  6. Gale Promotional Site to Order Posters, Bookmarks, table tents, etc.(you can even customize them)

  7. Gale Promo Site • • They will send you color posters, book marks, table tents to show Access My Library and the qr codes to get to the mobile apps • Call them to get your credentials to login to this promo site • 800-877-4253 X4 customer support

  8. EBSCO HOST Supports Mobile Apps

  9. EBSCO Mobile App

  10. Send email and open on Device Then input school id and pw

  11. EBSCO Promo Site • Library Promotion • Poster • • • FAQs • Mobile Profile in Admin •

  12. Britannica

  13. Worldbook Mobile • Go to on your phones browser • • customer service: (800) 975-3250

  14. Tech Support for Mobile Apps

  15. QR CODE FOR AR State Library

  16. Back side of card with pw’s

  17. Database portal

  18. QR Code for Traveler PageCopy this code and put up in labs and classrooms to get kids to good sources in the Traveler Databases

  19. QR Code for this Mobile App presentation