vocabulary week 3 tin n.
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Vocabulary Week 3 Tin

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Vocabulary Week 3 Tin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary Week 3 Tin

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  1. Vocabulary Week 3 Tin

  2. Word 1: Hang Def: To hold on and swing freely.Sent: The man was hanging from the tree.

  3. Word 2: SkinDef: Outer protective part of body.Sent: He had very dry skin.

  4. Word 3: HoldDef: To have in your arms or handsSent: Hold on to my arm so I do not fall.

  5. Word 4: LadderDef: Device for climbing Sent: I can’t reach the light without a ladder

  6. Word 5: JewelryDef: Objects worn for decorationSent: She did not like wearing jewelry.

  7. Word 6: (to get) dressed Def: To put clothes onSent: I get dressed when I wake up.

  8. Word 7: GardenDef: Land used for flowers or vegetables Sent: We have a small flower garden.

  9. Word 8: JogDef: To run a slow speedSent: I jogged to the store for a Snickers chocolate bar.

  10. Word 9: HookDef: A curved piece of metal used to catchSent: I got a fish hook caught in my ear.Also: A sentence used in an essay to get your reader interested

  11. Word 10: LakeDef: A big body of waterSent: The ducks swam on the lake.

  12. Word 11: FloodDef: A river overflowing its banksSent: Our car floated away in the flood.

  13. Word 12: ForestDef: A big area of treesSent: The big, bad wolf lives in the forest.

  14. Word 13: FrozenDef: To become solid from freezingSent: They found their dog frozen in the ice.

  15. Word 14: FogDef: Water drops in the airSent: I could not see her in the fog.

  16. Word 15: Glove/glovesDef: A protective cover for hands Sent: She wore pink gloves when it snowed.

  17. Word 16: IslandDef: Small area of land surrounded by waterSent: The man lived alone on his island.

  18. SquatDef: To sit down without a chairSent: He squats down when he waits for the bus.

  19. Word 18: GrinDef: A big smile that shows teethSent: His big grin was very annoying.Also a verb meaning to smile

  20. Word 19: HoseDef: Tube used for carrying water or airSent: He used a hose to water his flowers.

  21. Word 20: JellyfishDef: A sea animalSent: A jellyfish sting can harm your skin and be really painful.

  22. Word 21: DarkDef: Closer to black, having little lightSent: The man came out of the dark night.

  23. Word 22: HillDef: Raised surface of the earth but smaller than a mountainSent: Jack and Jill went up the hill.

  24. Word 23: StreamDef: Flowing water but smaller than a riverSent: The stream had frogs and fish in it.

  25. Word 24: DessertDef: Sweet food after a mealSent: Apple pie for dessert is my favorite.

  26. Word 25 : DesertDef: A dry area with little rainfall.Sent: Many lizards live in that dessert.

  27. Word 26: CoyoteDef: A wolf-like animal of North AmericaSent: A coyote ate our chickens last night.

  28. Word 27: CrackDef: An narrow opening caused from breakingSent: The wall had a big crack in it.

  29. Word 28: DiscussDef: To talk about in a groupSent: I want to discuss school with you.

  30. Word 29: CostumeDef: Clothes worn to act like something elseSent: He wore a scary costume to school.

  31. Word 30: DiveDef: To jump into head firstSent: You cannot dive in a shallow pool.