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Increasing participation in your project PowerPoint Presentation
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Increasing participation in your project

Increasing participation in your project

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Increasing participation in your project

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  1. Increasing participation in your project

  2. Exercise Welcome

  3. Keep Scotland Beautiful; what we do • Sustainable development education Provideeducation initiatives for children, young people and educators • Local environmental quality Provide advice support and training to help create and maintain cleaner and safer local areas • Sustainability and climate change Work to help people to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to impacts of climate change • Environmental services Help organisations meet environmental commitments and responsibilities

  4. Training and support Keep Scotland Beautiful manages the CCF on behalf of the Scottish Government. Keep Scotland Beautiful has staff that support applicants and those awarded grants. We also offer free training, events and support to help communities across Scotland build their capacity to tackle climate change.  Find out more

  5. Supporting material – promoting your project guide • Promoting your project guide – provides a concise summary of many of the key points from the workshop. • Available on the CCF website with hyperlinks.

  6. Supporting material – project health check • Complete the correct section of the ‘Project promotion participation and health check’ as you progress through the workshop. • The health check will help you to identify areas where you are confident and those where you want to improve.

  7. Supporting material • Additional exercises through the workshop will introduce: • Bingo – get to know attendees and their project activities • Elevator Pitch – develop your message and ask • Circles of influence – who are you communicating with? • Press release templates – write a press release • Engagement planning tool – an event checklist • Participant journey – create a plan for your project participants • All of the exercises are available for download from the CCF website.

  8. Exercise About you; bingo exercise

  9. Climate Challenge Fund website > Promoting your project • Access support to promote your project: • Marketing Officer contacts • Training events summary • Links to further guidance and templates including branding support • Access the webpage directly here.

  10. Support to promote your project • We are keen to promote your news and events: • CCF news stories and newsletter • Facebook - ClimateChallengeFund • Twitter - @CCFScot • Contact your Development Officer and: • Tim Mullens, Marketing and Capacity Building Officer, Keep Scotland Beautiful • • 01786 468245

  11. Exercise Your message and ask

  12. Your message • Be clear and concise • Who are you? • What you are doing? • When, where and why? • Do refer to your CCF application form for clarification of the above.

  13. Your Ask – an example from the CCF in 2018 • What do you want people to do? • How can they become involved?

  14. Exercise Elevator pitch exercise

  15. Elevator pitch • Your elevator pitch. • Use the ‘Elevator Pitch’ template to clarify message for your project. • Everyone has a go against the clock to communicate the message and ask for their project. • The Elevator Pitch exercise is available for download via the CCF website.

  16. Exercise Break

  17. Exercise Healthcheck: Please complete section one

  18. Exercise Creating stuff

  19. Before you create project resources… Read the CCF Branding and Promotional Requirements before creating online of print material: Please note the changes in 19/20 for any CCF Grant Recipients that were also allocated ERDF funds:

  20. Before you create project resources… • Take advantage of pre-set downloadable logos and a variety of correctly branded editable templates for posters, leaflets, press releases and presentations. •

  21. Before you create climate change resources… • We also have climate change resources available via our website: • Leaflet (print ready) • Carbon Literacy Guide •

  22. If you want to hold discussions about climate change… • Climate Conversations • Access support to hold a conversation about climate change in your community and share that information with the Scottish Government. •

  23. Before you create any other resources… • There are lots of materials out there already you can use – don’t reinvent the wheel. • Remember to also check out third party resources (ordered by theme of project) available through the CCF website. • • We also have a peer resource library hosted on the Knowledge Hub on the CCF website.

  24. Creating print • What to include • Who you are • What you are doing • Where, when and why • Your ask • What you want people to do and how can they do it? • Add interest • Graphics and colours

  25. Sustainable print • Things to consider: • Paper – recycled, FSC • Ink – vegetable with non-chlorinated process • Carbon – think about carbon neutral print • Travel – where was the paper made? • Printer – where is your printer? • Always let people know your print is sustainable The carbon emissions generated by printing will be offset by planting broadleaved trees in a local community woodland Printed on 100% post consumer waste using a non-chlorinated process

  26. Online communication – an introduction • Website – a hosting point for news, resources & events. Lots of helpful software e.g. Wordpress. • Facebook – a platform to host and share news, views and events. Free and quick to setup. • Twitter – share your news; 140 character limit. Free and easy to setup. • Audioboom– record and host your audio clips. • Youtube& Vimeo – a home for your videos.

  27. Exercise Getting the word out

  28. Who am I communicating with? • Use the Circles of Influence activity to map what individuals or organisations in your community could help you with your project and to make a plan • Refer to Section 2 your CCF application form for the community you are working with and details of partners (section 2.8)

  29. Exercise Lunch

  30. Word of Mouth • Tell people about your project in the local area. • Gorbals Healthy Living Network knocked on the doors of residents at Norfolk Court – the result being raised awareness and support of their Greener Gorbals Project.

  31. Websites • Think about: • Content – clear and concise and current information about your CCF project. • Speed – don’t upload huge images. • Ease of access – will it work well on a mobile? • Remember to include your messages and asks and ways that people can become involved.

  32. Facebook • Use Facebook to: • Share one or two short posts/updates per day with an image or collage • Give live updates from events • Share news from others • Think about • Paid for ‘promoted posts’ • Tagging @ClimateChallengeFund #ClimateChallengeFund and other partners • Remember that you’ll need time to administrate your account and interact

  33. Twitter • Use Twitter to: • Share lots of updates on your activities and those of others • Live tweet from events • Share engaging images • Use Hootsuite to: • Schedule Tweets • Setup lists of those you want to follow • Remember that you’ll need time to administrate your account and interact.

  34. Audio clips • Audioboom and Soundcloud: • Record interviews via your smartphone (either live or via the phone) and upload to the above platforms or similar. • Great for: • Snippets of audio or views at events • A regular feature or podcast • Remember to leave time for editing clips

  35. Video • Sharing video content hosted on platforms such as Youtube • Embed videos in your website and social media posts. • Think about: • Splitting longer videos into one minute (or shorter sections • Remember to leave time for editing clips

  36. Noticeboards and flyers • Effective for local projects • Community Council • Local shop / Post Office • Leisure centre • Library • If handing out to the public check your flyers are not being littered

  37. Newsletters • Create online e.g. Mailchimp (link stories to your website). A print version can also be handy. • Make it relevant; include asks, upcoming events and partner news. • Other newsletters will often carry relevant stories. • Include an online signup on your website

  38. A press release • For press releases: • Include interesting local information that people can become involved with • Feature a photo opportunity • Have someone available for interview • Know your local paper deadlines and contacts

  39. Write your own press release • Use the CCF press release template to create your own event press release.

  40. Paid for Advertising • Some tips: • Include your message and ask • Include interesting local information • Plan your timings • Know your local media • Negotiate – advertorials can be great features • Don’t forget online advertising such as Facebook which can be a quick way to reach a targeted audience.

  41. Exercise Healthcheck: Please complete section two

  42. Events • Your own events: • Launch, open day, workshop • Timings for your audience • Advertise and plan in advance • Manage attendance online • Include activities, asks, signups • Local food…home baking • Partner events: • Less organising • Advertise your attendance • Include activities, signups

  43. Exercise Event Checklist

  44. Create a checklist • Some tips: • It’s too easy to go to events, talk to lots of people but leave feeling like you’ve not achieved anything concrete. • Clear planning can help avoid this. • Practice using the ‘Engagement Planning Tool’ to create a checklist for events.

  45. Exercise Break

  46. Exercise • So what do I do with all these people? • Turn to a partner and tell them how they can participate in your project.

  47. Planning for Participation • ‘Customer’ Journey • Think about experience of someone participating in your project • How can I make it clear and enjoyable? • What do you need to put in place to do this? • Participant Journeys • One for volunteers, home visits, etc. • Different routes

  48. Exercise Participant Journey

  49. Participant Journey Use the ‘Participant Journey’ template to create a plan for your project participants.