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Cajun Cypress

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Cajun Cypress
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Cajun Cypress

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  1. Cajun Cypress

  2. Cajun Cypress and Hardwoods, Inc. We are the source for the highest quality and lowest priced Cypress lumber and Heart Pine flooring available. Christian owned and operated since 1981, we specialize in all types of Cypress lumber, Cypress beams and Wide Plank Heart Pine flooring. We also stock Sinker Cypress, Pecky Cypress, Antique Cypress, Cypress plywood and many other species of lumber. We stock several types of siding and paneling or we can custom mill to your specs. Be sure to check out our products and photo gallery and call or e-mail us with any questions or for a quote. We can even help you design your project and put that special touch that will have everyone saying "Wow" when they see it! If you're doing an exterior project, make sure you read about TWP in our product list. It is the best product on the market for protecting exterior wood.

  3. Cypress Flooring Cypress makes a beautiful and durable floor. Although cypress is relatively soft and will dent, it still wears very well and the dents just add to the character and beauty of the cypress. Many of our contractors and customers actually dent the cypress prior to finishing to antique it, and then stain it and finish it with a satin urethane. Primarily a tongue and groove nail down floor that we keep in stock, but we can also special run a glue down floor to order. Cypress is also available in a wide plank nail down floor in 10” and 12”. • 1x6 tongue and groove •10” wide plank •12” wide plank

  4. Cypress Siding Cypress makes an excellent and very durable exterior siding. Cypress’ resistance to rot and decay makes it a superior choice for exterior applications. Cypress siding used in conjunction with cypress doors will also enhance the beauty of your house and cause it to stand out in your neighborhood. Be sure to check out the TWP in our product list. The TWP will make the cypress last even longer and if you chose to use a color it’ll maintain that same color without fading for years!

  5. Pecky Cypress Pecky Cypress is a unique lumber in that it has pockets or recesses in it that create a beautiful ceiling or wall covering. The pecky lumber has exceptional color and is one of our most popular products for ceilings. The cause of pecky has often been widely misunderstood. Absolutely no form of animal, insect or worm is responsible at any stage of development, and there is no possibility of the pecking continuing after the cypress tree is harvested. Once the tree is cut down, the causative agent itself is destroyed and completely disappears, leaving behind only the characteristic pocketing it formerly created. Pecking in fact is simply the result of a natural fungus (polyporus amarus) entering older living trees through branch loss or fires that destroy the bark. The live tissues thus exposed invite airborne fungi spores in, to begin the sculpturing process.

  6. For more information please visit