interviewing strategy
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Interviewing Strategy

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Interviewing Strategy. Prepare Attend presentations/network Company research Be on time Know interviewer’s name Present copy of resume LISTEN to questions. Interviewing Strategy. Non-verbal communication Posture Eye contact Demeanor Distractions Ask questions Be positive.

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interviewing strategy

Interviewing Strategy


Attend presentations/network

Company research

Be on time

Know interviewer’s name

Present copy of resume

LISTEN to questions

interviewing strategy2

Interviewing Strategy

Non-verbal communication


Eye contact



Ask questions

Be positive

interviewing strategy3

Interviewing Strategy

Focus on skills/examples



Decision making



Interpersonal (enthusiasm, stress tolerance, flexibility, dependability)

interviewing strategy4

Interviewing Strategy


Write thank you!

Prepare 5 things about yourself you want to convey during interview

types of interviews

Types of Interviews


Examples of past experiences

Difficulty may increase

Past behavior predicts future


Cases – scenarios of day-to-day situations that arise

Answers measured against std.s

types of interviews6

Types of Interviews


Deliberate attempt to unnerve candidate

Blunt questions, interruptions

Relentless pursuit of a subject

Focus it how candidate reacts to stress

group work

Group Work

Discuss how to answer questions

Get several group members’ input

What is the interviewer trying to find out?

Share a difficult interview question

Discuss how to get rid of “nerves”

questions to ask

Questions to Ask

How is the training program structured? Time/format

I read that the company is planning expansion into Mexico…could you tell me about those plans and opportunities for international placement?

What is the average time it takes to reach _________ position?

questions to ask9

Questions to Ask

Could you describe the employee evaluation system? How often will I receive a formal evaluation?

Is there opportunity to move from one functional area to another if I see an opportunity in which I am interested?

who gets hired variables

Who Gets Hired? Variables

Background/Experience vs. Interviewing Skills

How much will one add to the other?

Interviewing skills



Knowledge of company and job/career

who gets hired prediction

Who Gets Hired? Prediction

Likelihood of offer

Likelihood of on-site interview

Likelihood of consideration for position

Likelihood of student “fitting” with organization

who gets hired findings

Who Gets Hired? Findings

Interviewing skills had a greater influence than background and experience on recruiter’s perceptions

Lack of experience can be compensated forby excellent interviewing skills

who gets hired findings13

Who Gets Hired? Findings

Excellent background or experience needs to be augmented by interviewing skills

legal interview questions

Legal Interview Questions?

Have you ever been arrested?


Conviction record, yes, if job related

Did you serve in the military? Type of discharge?

Discharge, no

Military, yes…period of service, rank, training/experience

legal interview questions15

Legal Interview Questions?

Do you have any disabilities?


Can applicant perform essential job functions?

Can applicant meet attendance requirements?

legal interview questions16

Legal Interview Questions?

Do you currently use illegal drugs? What illegal drugs have you used in the last six months?

Yes, but cannot refer to past drug addiction

Do you drink alcoholic beverages?

Yes, but not how much applicant drinks or participation in alcohol rehabilitation

legal interview questions17

Legal Interview Questions?

More information?

cover letter first paragraph

Cover Letter First Paragraph

Reason for letter – use company knowledge

Specific position or work type

How you learned of company or position

second paragraph specifics value selling

Second Paragraph(Specifics/Value Selling)

Why you are interested

Academic background match with co./position

Specific achievements or unique qualifications

Do not repeat resume info.

third paragraph value selling

Third Paragraph(Value Selling)

Refer reader to resume

Can discuss coursework that helps qualify you

fourth paragraph appreciation action

Fourth Paragraph(Appreciation/Action)

Indicate desire for personal interview

Flexible time/place

Repeat phone #

Statement or question that encourages response

thank you letter

Thank You Letter

Refer to interview date/place and say thank you

Express desire to work for company

Reiterate qualifications

Close with phone # and action