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How did Ancient India influence the modern world today?. Date: 12.10.13 A 12.11.13 B. India Geography. Warm Up : What are some common geographic features that we have seen in the areas we have studied (Mesopotamia & Egypt)? WIO:

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How did Ancient India influence the modern world today?

Date: 12.10.13 A

12.11.13 B

India Geography

  • Warm Up:
  • What are some common geographic features that we have seen in the areas we have studied (Mesopotamia & Egypt)?
  • WIO:
  • What comparisons can you draw between the geographical features of Egypt and India?
  • *Minimum of 3 sentences.*

Class Work:

Warm-Up & Discuss

Atlas Geography Notes

India Time Line Activity

Group Collaberation/Review


  • HW:
  • Complete Worksheet (If Necessary)
  • India Note Cards Pt.1

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Page 69


How did Ancient Indian Innovations influence the ancient world and the modern world today?

Date: 12.12.13 A

12.13.13 B

India Innovations and Advancements on Technology

  • Warm Up:
  • What innovations, or technology do you know of that came from Ancient India? If you do not know of any then write down which innovation from other civilizations that we have previously discussed is the most impactful?
  • WIO:

Class Work:

Warm-Up & Mind-Mining

Guided Notes on Ancient Indian Innovation and Technology

Visual Examination of Innovations Group work


  • HW:
  • Complete Part 2 of India Vocabulary Cards.
  • “India Subcontinent” WS- make sure to highlight and number textual evidence

Which Innovation do you feel has the largest impact on our society today?

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Page 71


How can visual learning (documentary) help me better understand concepts and historical information about Ancient India?

Date: 12.16.13 A

12.17.13 B

India Overview and Documentary

  • Warm Up: Reflect on the visuals that you analyzed on Friday:
    • Which image had the most significant impact on you after analyzing it? In other words- which one had the largest impact on your understanding? Why?
  • WIO: Name 3 things that you now have a better understanding of after a visual presentation about Ancient Indian Society? What do you know understand about it? 1-2 sentences each example.

Class Work:


Documentary Prep and Guiding Questions



  • HW:
  • Complete answering all discussion questions from the documentary WS.

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How did religion and social class impact Ancient India?

Date: 12.18.13 A

12.19.13 B

India Social Class & Religion

  • Warm Up:
  • Egypt had social classes and a social pyramid. Write down everything you know about Egyptian Social Classes.
  • WIO:
  • Create a Venn Diagram comparing social classes in Egypt and India.
  • Social Pyramid vs. Caste System

Class Work:

Warm-Up & Mind-Mining

India Social Class & Religion Readings


  • HW:
  • Complete Worksheet (If Necessary)

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Page 75


What impact does a civilization’s cultural value system have on its success and/or failure, and how do technological developments impact the growth or decline of a civilization?

Date: 12.20.13 A

01.06.14 B

The Fall of India and India Writing Assessment

  • Warm Up:
  • With all of the innovations, and technological advances of Ancient India; Predict what factors led to its fall and the mystery around it.
  • WIO:
  • Through the use of a graphic organizer and written response; explain the impact of a civilization’s cultural value system on its rise and decline, and compare and contrast the factors involved in the rise and fall of several civilizations

Class Work:

Warm-Up & Mind-Mining

Fall of Ancient India Notes

Review Graphic Organizer and discuss writing prompt

Conferences for Writing


  • HW:
  • Complete Graphic Organizer on Ancient India
  • Writing Prompt – 2 complete paragraphs due next class. (Stapled with G/O)

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