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Self-Service Time & Labor

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Self-Service Time & Labor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Self-Service Time & Labor. Previews October 17. Self-Service Time & Labor. PURPOSE: To replace the printed Time Sheet and the hand recorded time and leave entry with an electronic process that results in time and leave information that is input to the BGSU Payroll system.

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self service time labor

Self-Service Time & Labor

Previews October 17

self service time labor1
Self-Service Time & Labor
    • To replace the printed Time Sheet and the hand recorded time and leave entry with an electronic process that results in time and leave information that is input to the BGSU Payroll system.
self service time labor3
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • Current ‘paper’ process is time consuming

-Time to print, separate, and distribute to departments over 800 time sheets for biweekly paid employees every two weeks.

-Time it takes for employees to fill in and return to supervisor (biweekly & monthly paid employees).

self service time labor4
Self-Service Time & Labor

-Time it takes for supervisor or department contact to return filled-in time sheet to Payroll (biweekly & monthly paid employees).

-Time it takes for the Payroll Office to interpret and data enter hours into the Payroll system and to track down and correct errors (biweekly & monthly paid employees).

self service time labor5
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • New ‘electronic’ process will take less time
    • No more paper printing and distribution. Timesheet for current period will be available through self-service as soon as the period arrives.
    • Once employee ‘submits’ their reported time it is immediately available for supervisory approval.
self service time labor6
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • “Payable Time” is created when the Time Administration process is run by the area administrator and is input to the pay creation process. This is much quicker than data entry by the Payroll staff.
self service time labor7
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • Current ‘paper’ process is costly
    • 2008 audit estimated that BGSU spends over $75,000.00, annually, to process manual time sheets.
self service time labor8
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • Self-Service Time and Labor is less costly
    • Time and Labor is “delivered” PeopleSoft functionality. No additional purchases are required.
self service time labor9
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • Current ‘paper’ process lacks efficiencies

-No automatic editing of leave (sick, vacation, etc.) balance when entered. Supervisor (at best) or Payroll must verify enough balance is available to use.

-No automatic validation of permissible time and leave categories

self service time labor10
Self-Service Time & Labor

-Misinterpretation of amounts and categories filled in on Time Sheet

-Supervisory adjustments to employee’s Time Sheet are not necessarily communicated back to the employee.

self service time labor11
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • New ‘electronic’ process has built in efficiencies
    • Leave balances are up to date and employee cannot use more than what is in balance.
    • Only valid reporting categories are available through Time Reporting codes “drop down” box.
self service time labor12
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • No interpretation of data is needed
  • Adjustments by supervisors to employees time sheet are instantly communicated back to the employee when supervisor approves or denies reported time.
self service time labor13
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • Who will use Self-Service Time & Labor?
    • Eventually, all BGSU employees will enter their time and leave through Self-Service Time and Labor. However, the implementation is taking on a “phased” approach.
    • Human Resources, Controller’s Area, ITS, and Campus Operations slated for October 17.
self service time labor14
Self-Service Time & Labor
  • Training:
    • Supervisors and Administrators have been contacted regarding training.
    • Classroom training for those that use a variety of different “leave” types as well as supervisors and administrators will be held the weeks of October 3rd and October 10th.
self service time labor15
Self-Service Time & Labor

- The remaining ‘standard’ time reporters (sick, vacation, personal leave) training will be required to take and pass the on line training prior to October 17th.


Biweekly paid employee time sheet


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