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RA VI WG PIW, Langen, 23-25 January 2007

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RA VI WG PIW, Langen, 23-25 January 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RA VI WG PIW, Langen, 23-25 January 2007 Strategic Plan and Action Plan of WMO Regional Association VI (Europe) By: Dušan HRČEK WMO Representative for Europe and Christian BLONDIN Co-Chair of the RA VI Task-Team International Affairs Manager Météo France

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Presentation Transcript

RA VIWG PIW, Langen,

23-25 January 2007

Strategic Plan and Action Plan of WMO Regional Association VI (Europe)

By: Dušan HRČEK

WMO Representative for Europe and

Christian BLONDIN

Co-Chair of the RA VI Task-Team

International Affairs Manager

Météo France

  • Some important decisions of XIV-RA VI, and follow-up
  • RA VI Action Plan, objectives related to WG PIW
  • Information on the draft Strategic Plan for the Enhancement of NMHSs in RA VI (Europe) based on WMO Strategic Plan
working groups in ra vi
Working Groups in RA VI
  • Planning and Implementation of WWW
  • Climate-related Matters
  • Agricultural Meteorology
  • Hydrology
  • Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
  • Management Group
rapporteurs task team in ra vi
Rapporteurs/Task Team in RA VI
  • Instruments
  • Global Atmosphere Watch
  • Atmospheric Ozone
  • Marine Meteorological Services
  • Aeronautical Meteorology
  • Education and Training
  • WMO Space Programme

Task Team on Strategic and Action Plan

regional climate centre
Regional Climate Centre

XIV RA VI decided to take immediate steps to implement a network of multiple multifunctional centres and/or specialized centres on a pilot basis as the structure for implementing RCC activities in RA VI, in order to determine optimal composition of the RA VI RCC network which would best comply with the functions of RCC.

regional instrument centres

XIV RA VI designated the Calibration Laboratory of the Slovak Hydromet. Institute and the Calibration Laboratory of the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia as new Regional Instrument Centres (RIC) for RA VI (in addition to the old one – RIC Trappes (Meteo-France).

plans in se europe
Plans in SE Europe
  • New challenges

establishment of the Sub-regional Centers of Excellence

  • Drought management Centre
  • Trening and education centers
  • Marine Meteorology Centres
  • Calibration Center
  • Such ambicious vision needs support and assistance trough
    • WMO Technical Co-operation Programmes,
    • EU Commission suport,
    • World Bank
    • others
drought management centre centre for south eastern europe
Drought Management Centre Centre for South-eastern Europe

A unanimous agreement has been reached in April 2006 on establishing a sub-regionalDrought Management Centre Centrefor SE Europe. At the meeting in Geneva on 26 September 2006, Slovenia was selected to host the Centre. Subsequently, WMO and UNCCD Secretariat are preparing a comprehensive project proposal in full cooperation with the host country.

ra vi strategic plan
RA VI Strategic Plan

The most important outcome of the 14th session of WMO Regional Association VI (Europe), held in Heidelberg, Germany, 7-15 September 2005, was a decision to develop the Regional Strategic Plan. The goal of the Strategic Plan is to strengthen the capabilities of all NMHSs in RA VI by providing appropriate meteorological, hydrological and related services in the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, protection of life and property, safeguarding of the environment and contributing to sustainable development. The session adopted an Action Plan for implementation while the Strategic Plan is being developed.

a concept for the further development of the regional association vi
A Concept for the further Development of the Regional Association VI

WMO-6th Long Term Plan

European Driving Forces

Technical Conference

14th Session of RAVI

Brainstorming (RAVI Sess.)



Members View

Action Plan


Development of a Strategic Plan


Strategy 1:To enable the delivery of increasingly accurate and reliable warnings of severe events related to weather, water, climate, and the related natural environment throughout the world, and ensure that they are able to reach their target audience (individuals, emergency services, decision makers) in a timely and useful manner.Sub-group on PWS: Objective 1.1, 1.2, 1.5Sub-group on DPFS: Objective 1.3, 1.4, 1.6


Strategy 2:To enable the provision of increasingly beneficial weather, water and climate and related environmental services to the public, governments and other users/customers throughout the world.Sub-group on PWS: Objective 2.3Strategy 3: No objective for WG PIW


Strategy 4:To inform and educate the public, governments and other interested parties about the socio-economic benefits of understanding the weather, water, climate and related environment.Sub-group on PWS: Objective 4.2


Strategy 5:To understand and improve the modelling of the processes which affect the current and future state of the atmosphere, the weather, water resources, the physical state of the oceans, climate change and related environmental states such as air quality and pollution levels. Sub-group on DPFS: Objective 5.1, 5.2, 5.4


Strategy 6:To observe, record and report on the weather, water resources, climate and the related natural environment, to use these data for the preparation of operational forecast and warning services and related information, and to maintain and enhance systems to exchange these data, products and information. Sub-group on IOS: Objective 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.10, 6.15, 6.16Sub-group on ISS: Objective 6.4, 6.8, 6.9, 6.14


Strategy 7: No objective for WG PIWStrategy 8: products and information. To work more effectively with international partners, other relevant organisations, academia and the private sector.Sub-group on PWS: Objective 8.2, 8.7Strategy 9: No objective for WG PIW

ra vi technical conference 2006
RA VI Technical Conference 2006

ATechnical Conference on strategic planning in RA VIwas held in Riga, Latvia, 6-7 November 2006. The Conference reviewed the preparatory work done by the RA VI Task Team on Strategic Plan and Action Plan.

ra vi sp building process
RA VI SP building process

Key “players”

  • Management Group
    • President : Daniel Keuerleber-Burk (Switzerland)
    • Vice-Président : Andrei Leitass (Latvia)
    • Members :
      • Ivan Cacic (Croatia)
      • Magnus Jonsson (Iceland)
      • Wolfgang Kusch (Germany)
      • J.K Rabadi (Jordan)
      • Hydrologic advisor : Jan Kubat (Czech Republic)
  • INTAD 6
    • President : Alex Rubli (Switzerland)
    • Vice-President : Vita Slanke (Latvia)
    • Members :
      • Representatives of 37 RA VI countries
  • Task Team
    • Co-Chairs : Mike Gray (UK) Christian Blondin (France)
    • Members :
      • Maria Hurtola (Finland)
      • George Kordzakhia (Georgia)
      • Alexander Gusev (Federation of Russia)
      • Jan Kubat (Czech Republic)
  • WMO Regional Office for Europe
    • DusanHrcek
  • Facilitator: Petteri Taalas (WMO)

Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 18

ra vi sp building process cont d
RA VI SP building process (cont’d)


SP Draft Extended Outline

1st SPDraft Version

1st SPDraft Version

2nd SP Draft Version

Final SPVersion



SP Draft Extended Outline











IX 2005

IV 2006

VI 2006

IX 2006

XI 2006

I 2007

V 2007

Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 19

ra vi sp rationale
RA VI SP rationale

7th WMO Strategic Plan

policy anddecision makers



RA VI Strategic Plan

  • Questionnaire:
  • Demands of information and services
  • External factors affecting services delivery
  • Database:
  • Members characteristics
  • NHMSs missions and means
  • Feedbacks:
  • Hydromet entities
  • European Union
  • Scientific and Academic bodies
  • …..

Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 20

ra vi sp general framework cont d

WMO Vision and Top Level objectives

RA VI Vision



Means within

Region VI

RA VI Strategic aims

RA VI Expected Results


RA VI SP general framework (cont’d)


Executive Summary

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Strategic Plan3a. Current Status, Trends, Developments and Evolving needs of Members and Society
  • 3b. Strategic aims

3c. Expected Results

  • Implementation
  • 4a. Process and governance
  • 4b. Priorities
  • 4c. Key Performance indicators and Targets
  • 4d. Action Plan

Annex A: RA VI description

Annex B: Building up the RA VI strategy and actions plan

Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 21

strategic analysis
Strategic analysis

Inward looking

(Annex A)

Outward looking

(Annex B)



New services

in weather, water and climate,

incl. concern for Environment

  • External
  • Constraints:
  • Technical developments and advances in sciences
  • Economic pressure
  • Commercialization and competition

Common features

Common features




WMO Progs














Int. Repr

Ways forwards



RA VI strategic


Res & Edu




Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 22

strategic analysis cont d
Strategic analysis (cont’d)

RA VI strategic avenues

  • RA VI key drivers:
    • Priorities to core missions and quality improved related services
    • Prevention and mitigation of natural disasters
    • Delivery of new and further services
    • Optimization of resources usage
    • Maintenance and improvement of infrastructures
    • Positioning with respect to commercial services delivery
  • RA VI strategic choices:
    • Strengthened co-operation within the Region
    • More exchange of knowledge, know-how and understanding to provide better services
    • Improved capitalization on Region assets (ECMWF, EUMETSAT, EUMETNET)
    • Improved interfaces with user communities
    • Alliances with new partners, including funding agencies

Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 23

strategic aims
Strategic aims

Region VI strategic plan

RA VI Vision


WMO Vision

Key Social and Economic Drivers

5 Desired Outcomes

3 Top Level Objectives

5 Strategic Thrusts

WMO Strategic Plan

RA VI strategic analysis


RA VI strategic aims


RA VI expected results






11 Expected Results

# Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

# Key Performance Targets (KPTs)

Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 24

strategic aims cont d
Strategic aims (cont’d)

WMO RA VI will be recognizedas the primary source of expertise [1] on weather, climate, water and related environmental [2] and development [3] issues throughout Europe, through a coordinated meteorological and hydrological infrastructure [4], and a major contributor worldwide [5] to the safety and well-being of people and to sustainable development [6].

Strategic Aim 1 : Work collectively to ensure that any available expertise within the Region is utilized to meet requirements for services.

Strategic Aim 2 : Ensure that the information, knowledge and capabilities exist within RA VI to meet the expressed and expected requirements.

Strategic Aim 3 : Ensure the decision-making bodies are aware of RA VI expertise and capabilities in order to make best use of existing assets and planned developments, and to avoid unnecessary redundancies.

Strategic Aim 4 : Create a RA VI Hydrological and Meteorological Infrastructure which combine capabilities of NMHSs, regional and sub-regional organizations, and any voluntary contributors, under the supervision of an appropriate steering committee.

Strategic Aim 5 : Create the framework to be able to project RA VI expertise and capabilities out of the Region in collaboration with other WMO Regional Associations and UN bodies working with WMO.

Strategic Aim 6 : Identify and assess continuously key stakes and challenges related to sustainable development within RA VI, and deliver proper services to contribute to consolidate the sustainability of the Region.

Building the RA VI Strategic Plan – Christian BLONDIN – Riga, Latvia, 6&7 November 2006 25

the way forward
The Way Forward

TheRAVI Strategic Planshould be linked totheWMO 7SPand be valid for the same time period. This would require the final draft of the RAVI Strategic Plan to be presented to the RA VI President and the Management Group at the15th WMOCongress, and for the President to request any last amendments (following consultation with the RAVI Members at Congress) before approving the Plan for implementation fromJanuary 2008.