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Voice Services/Long Distance Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Voice Services/Long Distance Overview

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Voice Services/Long Distance Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Voice Services/Long Distance Overview. September 24, 2004. Voice Services/Long Distance Overview. Service Description Vital Statistics Coverage Areas Services & Diagrams Applications Pricing Structure Why Broadwing is Your Solution. Service Description.

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Voice Services/Long Distance Overview

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voice services long distance overview1
Voice Services/Long Distance Overview
  • Service Description
  • Vital Statistics
  • Coverage Areas
  • Services & Diagrams
  • Applications
  • Pricing Structure
  • Why Broadwing is Your Solution
service description
Service Description
  • Broadwing offers a full array of reliable and competitively-priced long distance services that include:
    • Switched and Dedicated 1+ Long Distance
    • Basic and Enhanced Toll-Free Services
    • Calling Card
    • Audio Conferencing
vital statistics
Vital Statistics
  • Ubiquitous Nationwide Voice Service
    • Physical POP’s in 135 of top 150 MSA’s
  • Exceptional Quality and Reliability
    • Built on Nortel DMS switch platform
    • Continuous self diagnosis
    • Proactive management of network routes
    • Redundant hierarchical routing
    • Mean-Time to Repair of 4 hours
    • On-line trouble ticketing
  • Signaling
    • SS7 connections to all SS7 capable LEC Tandems and end offices as well as between all Broadwing Switches
outbound ld services
Outbound LD Services

Broadwing offers a feature-rich, outbound calling service

that supports both switched and dedicated access

inbound 8xx services
Inbound 8XX Services
  • Broadwing offers standard and enhanced Toll-Free Service via our dedicated, in-house RespOrg
  • Coverage in US Domestic, Extended Areas and International Locations through International Toll-Free Services
  • Ability to Support:
    • New, migrated and vanity 8XX numbers
    • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
    • ANI Delivery
    • Direct Termination Overflow (DTO)
    • Shared RespOrg
    • Toll Free DA Listings

Inbound 8XX Services

Switched and dedicated service options are available with a robust feature set

enhanced toll free services
Enhanced Toll-Free Services
  • International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) – Offers access from more than 60 countries and enables int’l callers to dial 8XX number that terminates in the U.S. (fully off-net)
  • Network IVR – Routes caller to appropriate department quickly,plays message and collects caller input to route call
  • Web Reporting/Billing Coming Soon – Will deliver access to toll free data within 24 hours of call
calling card
Calling Card

Allows customers to call virtually anywhere in the world while away from their primary location

audio conferencing
Audio Conferencing

Customers can connect multiple callers through a conference bridge, allowing all participants to conduct virtual meetings around the clock from diverse geographic locations

e billing callvision

Provides electronic billing statements and call analysis reports that convert standard communications bills into interactive resources for customers

  • Long Distance
    • Stay in touch with customers and branch locations around the country and around the world with worry-free, high-quality service
  • Toll Free
    • Support call center needs with basic and enhanced routing functions to manage your traffic loads and ensure optimal processing
  • Calling Card
    • Provide employees with a reliable means to help them stay in contact when travelling inside or outside the US
  • Conferencing
    • Reduce travel expenses by conducting virtual meetings via conferencing
pricing structure
Pricing Structure
  • Per-Minute Billing
  • Monthly Recurring Charges for Additional Features
  • Competitive Call Increments:
    • Domestic & Extended Areas
      • 18/6 Outbound
      • 30/6 Inbound
    • International
      • 30/6 or 60/60 *
  • Additional Charges for Local Loops

* International increments can vary by country

why broadwing is your solution
Broadwing provides feature rich services your business needs

Competitive rate structures to fit your budget

All-Optical backbone provides unmatched reliability and control

Nationwide access to Broadwing HUB locations and switched origination network provides broad reach where you need us

Why Broadwing is Your Solution
  • One vendor/One point of contact provides convenience of bundled Local, Long Distance & Data services from a single provider
  • Customer portal enables easy access network monitoring, reporting and billing