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Insert Agency Name Time and Labor Implementation Meeting Insert Date of Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Insert Agency Name Time and Labor Implementation Meeting Insert Date of Meeting

Insert Agency Name Time and Labor Implementation Meeting Insert Date of Meeting

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Insert Agency Name Time and Labor Implementation Meeting Insert Date of Meeting

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  1. Insert Agency Name Time and Labor Implementation Meeting Insert Date of Meeting

  2. Welcome

  3. Presenters: • Insert Presenter 1 Name • Insert Presenter 2 Name

  4. Meeting Agenda • Welcome • Time and Labor Overview • Exempt Employee Time Reporting • Next Steps • Wrap Up & Questions • Managers and Supervisors

  5. Time and Labor Overview

  6. Time and Labor Overview • The State of Kansas is implementing a new statewide time entry system called Time and Labor effective mid-February 2013. It provides the ability for employees to utilize Employee Self-Service to enter their time on-line!

  7. Time and Labor Overview Time and Labor also includes an on-line approval process • Supervisors will be notified by email when time is submitted by their employees • Supervisors will perform approvals electronically within Employee Self-Service

  8. Time and Labor Overview • The Time and Labor Process begins with the entry of time worked (reported time). There are three ways in which Time is entered into Timesheets: • Employee Enters Time on Employee Self Service Timesheets • Timekeeper Enters Time • Interface

  9. Example of Electronic Timesheet

  10. Time and Labor Overview • Employees will use Time Reporting Codes to record time worked or leave taken on your electronic timesheet • Refer to Time and Labor (TRC) Time Reporting Code handout

  11. Time and Labor Overview • When employees enter time worked and/or leave taken (reported time) on the electronic timesheet there are several on-line edits that occur • If an employee is entering their time daily they will click on the ‘Save for Later’ button instead of the ‘Submit’ button. This button allows you to return to the timesheet for further data entry but does not submit the timesheet for approval. • When you click on ‘Save for Later’ the following message appears “Would you like to validate time worked.” We recommend you click on ‘Yes’ to go through the on-line edit process.

  12. Time and Labor Overview • Any errors that occur as part of the on-line edit process must be corrected by the employee before the time can be submitted for approval • Refer to the Time and Labor On-Line Errors handout for examples of some of the on-line edits

  13. Time and Labor Overview • At the end of the pay period employees will need to click in the box next to the Legal Statement and the ‘Submit’ button will be activated. The on-line edit process will automatically occur when the ‘Submit’ button is selected. • Employees have access to the timesheet until the Sunday following the pay period end-date at approx. 6:00 p.m. • When you click “Submit” the e-mail notification is invoked. The e-mails are sent to supervisors up to 1.5 hours after the employee has Submitted the timesheet.

  14. Time Administration • Reported Time then runs through the Time Administration process to check what is entered against State of Kansas reported time rules • Time Administration runs during nightly batch cycles (Sunday-Friday nights) • Time Administration also runs during the weekday at: • 11:00 AM • 3:30 PM

  15. Time Administration • If there are exceptions (errors) in reported time, they must be fixed and run through the Time Administration process again. This process is repeated until exceptions are resolved. • These exceptions are typically identified by timekeepers and HR staff who will work with the employee and their supervisor to get them corrected

  16. Time Administration • As a final step, payable time must be reviewed by the HR Administrator, and approved to continue on to the Payroll Process. If payable time is not approved, the employee will not be paid.

  17. Time and Labor Overview • Watch the on-line Employee Self-Service Training Video. File location: • Refer to the SHARP 9.1 Overview of Time Reporting and Approval Using Employee Self Service handout

  18. Exempt Employee Time Reporting

  19. Exempt Employee Time Reporting • Exempt Employee Time Reporting 80 hours-worth of payable time (such as 80 REG, or 40 REG and 40 VAC) must be recorded on your timesheet in order for you to be paid your full bi-weekly salary. If you are not recording your time against projects, you may either accept the default 8 hours REG per day and only record leave used (and reduce the REG) or update the hours to reflect what you actually worked, making sure you are recording a full 80 hours-worth of pay. • Hours reported in excess of 80 will be ‘trimmed’ from the end and assigned to the of Non-Standard Time (NPT) Time Reporting Code

  20. Next Steps

  21. Next Steps • Log into Employee Self-Service and verify that your email address is correct and you have established a secret question and answer • Access Time and Labor on-line Training Materials when they become available later this month • Watch the on-line Employee Self-Service Training Video. File location:

  22. Next Steps

  23. Contacts

  24. Contacts • Employee Self-Service Help Desk 785-296-1900 or toll free 1-866-999-3001 (outside of Topeka) • Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday • Insert Agency HR Person Name or Insert person’s phone # • Insert Agency HR Person Name or Insert person’s phone #

  25. Questions?

  26. Managers & Supervisors

  27. Approving Electronic Time Sheets • As a supervisor, not only will you be entering your own time using Employee Self-Service, you must also review and approve the time reported by your employees. Beginning in Mid-February 2013, you will review and approve your employees’ timesheets on-line within Employee Self-Service instead of signing an Official State of Kansas paper time document. • How will this work? Through the “Approve Reported Time” link within Employee Self-Service, an employee’s immediate supervisor and two supervisors/managers in the immediate supervisor’s chain of command can approve subordinate’s timesheets. The list of employees that submit their time to you is based on information that is recorded in the State’s Human Resource and Payroll System (SHARP).  

  28. Approving Electronic Time Sheets Once you log into Employee Self Service on or after Wednesday, February 13, 2013, you will see three new links: • Update My Timesheet: This is where you enter, “Save”, and “Submit” your time. • Report Time for My Employees: You will be able to view your employee timesheets throughout the pay period and through Tuesday following the end of the pay period. You can use this link to verify you have access to all of your employees’ timesheets and to monitor who has Saved and Submitted their timesheets. If the list of employees that you see appears incorrect, you should contact Kim Warren at or at 785-296-4770

  29. Approving Electronic Time Sheets • Approve Reported Time: You use this link to “Approve” your employees’ timesheets. Your employees appear in the list only if they have Submitted their timesheet and only if you have not yet approved their timesheet. Once you review and approve their timesheet, they are no longer in this list. • Generally you have access to review and approve timesheets through Tuesday following the end of the pay period; however, we request that you review and approve your employees’ timesheets by 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

  30. How will you know if you have any employee timesheets that need to be reviewed and approved? • Throughout the day, as your employees are Submitting their timesheets, you will receive an e-mail letting you know who has a timesheet that needs to be approved and the date range for that time. • Emails are not sent to managers when employees have “Saved” their timesheets; the e-mails are sent only when employees “Submit” their timesheets. The e-mails are delivered up to 1.5 hours after the employee has Submitted the timesheet. • NOTE: We ask employees to “Save” their timesheets throughout the two weeks and only “Submit” once they have completed reporting their time at the end of the two week time period. Doing this will help to lessen the number of e-mails you will receive throughout the time period.

  31. Sample Email – Time Needs to be Approved “….From: [] Sent: Friday, February 15, 2013 3:48 PMTo: (Manager or Supervisor’s e-mail address)Subject: Reported time is awaiting for your approval. This message is to notify you that there is currently reported time waiting for your approval. Names: First Name MI Last Name First Name MI Last Name First Name MI Last Name First Name MI Last Name Date Range: 02/03/2013 - 02/16/2013 To access the Timesheet page, click on the following link (we have removed this link as we are not live yet) NOTE: This is a system-generated email. Do not reply to this email. …”

  32. Questions?