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Town Hall Meeting [insert name]

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Town Hall Meeting [insert name]. [insert date]. Project Goal.

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Town Hall Meeting [insert name]

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Town Hall Meeting[insert name] [insert date]

    2. Project Goal • To conduct a thorough review of postgraduate medical education (PGME) in Canada and establish whether the structure and processes of the current system are designed for the best possible outcomes to meet current and future societal needs FMEC Postgraduate Project 2 Liaison and Engagement

    3. Today’s Agenda • Brief reminder of the Future of Medical Education in Canada Postgraduate (FMEC PG) Project • Brief reminder of the Liaison and Engagement Consultant role • Open discussion around the draft recommendations FMEC Postgraduate Project 3 Liaison and Engagement

    4. Project Objectives • To undertake a review of PGME • To examine the interface between physician human resource planning and current PGME system FMEC Postgraduate Project 4 Liaison and Engagement

    5. Project Overview • 26-month project • February 2010 – July 2011 • Partnership between AFMC, CFPC, CMQ & RCPSC • AFMC acting as Secretariat • Funded by Health Canada FMEC Postgraduate Project 5 Liaison and Engagement

    6. The FMEC PG Steering Committee drew on multiple lines of evidence to develop recommendations. FMEC Postgraduate Project 6 Liaison and Engagement

    7. Liaison and EngagementProject

    8. Liaison and Engagement Role • To liaise between the Steering Committee and the Canadian PGME community, assisting the Steering Committee to extend its presence to a pan-Canadian PGME audience: • Liaising with key stakeholder groups in the PGME community, keeping them uniformly apprised of project activities and developments while engaging them to identify relevant issues, concerns, priorities and successes. • Keeping the Steering Committee updated on emergent thinking in the Canadian PGME community FMEC Postgraduate Project 8 Liaison and Engagement

    9. Phasing of the Consultations • The consultations have been executed in two stages: • Round 1, June 2010 to January 2011 Discuss the project and identify salient issues, innovations, challenges and aspirations - COMPLETE • Round 2, July to September 2011Discuss the draft recommendations as they emerge – IN PROGRESS Liaison and Engagement FMEC Postgraduate Project 9 Liaison and Engagement

    10. Recommendation 1: • NOTE: Will include one slide for each recommendation when they are received from the steering committee. FMEC Postgraduate Project 10 Liaison and Engagement

    11. Question 1: • Does the overall report address the priorities required for the future of PGME in Canada? • Yes/No? • Please comment. FMEC Postgraduate Project 11 Liaison and Engagement

    12. Question 2: • Are there are other key priorities that need to be addressed? • Yes/No? • Please comment. FMEC Postgraduate Project 12 Liaison and Engagement

    13. Question 3: • How could your medical school, organization or association contribute to the successful implementation of these recommendations? FMEC Postgraduate Project 13 Liaison and Engagement

    14. Question 4: • Other comments? FMEC Postgraduate Project 14 Liaison and Engagement

    15. Next Steps • Summary of today’s discussions submitted to FMEC PG Steering Committee • Additional written submission if desired • Submit to in Word • Reporting of summary themes from all discussions to FMEC PG Steering Committee in October 2011 FMEC Postgraduate Project 15 Liaison and Engagement

    16. Thank you for your contribution!

    17. For more information… FMEC Postgraduate Project Liaison and Engagement