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SPECIAL EDUCATION. Dawn Sessa-White [email protected] HFU EDU 509 August 4, 2003. What do you need to know about special education in Hamilton Township?. Video Welcome to Hamilton Township. Federal and State Laws How to refer a child Classification Process and Terms

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Special education


Dawn Sessa-White

[email protected]


August 4, 2003

What do you need to know about special education in hamilton township
What do you need to know about special education in Hamilton Township?

Video Welcome to Hamilton Township

  • Federal and State Laws

  • How to refer a child

  • Classification Process and Terms

  • Specific Learning Disability

  • IEP

  • Strategies for the classroom

  • Resources

History of idea
History of IDEA Township?

  • The Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act was originally enacted in 1975 as PL 94-142

  • Established the right of all eligible school aged children and youth with disabilities to receive a free, appropriate, public education

Purpose of idea
Purpose of IDEA Township?

  • To ensure that the rights of children and youth with disabilities and their parents are protected

  • To ensure that children with disabilities have a free, appropriate, public education available to them, one which emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for employment and independent living

Who is eligible
Who is Eligible? Township?

  • Must be a “child with a disability”

    • Evaluated according to IDEA requirements

    • Determined to fall into a specific disability category as defined by IDEA/State

    • Requires special education and related services

When to refer a child
When to refer a child Township?

  • after pre-referral intervention has been unsuccessful

  • difficulties must impact educational performance

  • must not be result of lack of exposure or experience

  • with primary school aged children must be certain not due to developmental issues

  • when a student does not speak English, must have been exposed to English instruction for a reasonable amount of time

Referral process
Referral Process Township?

  • Child may be referred by parent, counselor, teacher, principal

  • An evaluation plan meeting is scheduled to determine if evaluation is warranted and scope of evaluation

Classification process
Classification Process Township?

  • If the evaluation is warranted it must include at least 2 of the first 4 assessments

    • Psychological Assessment

    • Educational Assessment

    • Social History

    • Speech and Language Assessment

    • Psychiatric Evaluation

    • Neurological Evaluation

    • Medical Evaluation

    • Audiological Evaluation

Classification Township?

  • Evaluations completed within 90 calendar days

  • Eligibility meeting includes one member of child study team, parent, regular education teacher, special education teacher and student

  • Program and IEP developed at this meeting

Classification terms

Auditorily Impaired Township?


Cognitively Impaired

Emotionally Disturbed

Socially Maladjusted

Other Health Impaired

Specific Learning Disability

Preschool Disabled

Orthepedically Impaired

Traumatic Brain Injury

Visually Impaired

Multiply Disabled

Classification Terms

What is
What is … Township?

  • Meeting each child’s unique needs

  • Giving each child access to the general curriculum

    • Using classroom modifications and/or accomodations to reach the curricular goals

    • Modifying the curriculum

What is a specific learning disability
What is a specific learning disability? Township?

  • Testing reveals a severe discrepancy

    between intelligence level and

    performance level

  • Discrepancy must be at least 2 standard deviations

  • Learning Disability vs Slow Learner

Example of sld in the classroom
Example of SLD in the Classroom Township?

  • Visual Motor Integration

    • When the image you see is transmitted through your brain to your hand for you to reproduce the same image

Visual Motor Integration Introduction

Beginning of Demonstration

Demonstration Part 2

Individualized education plan iep
Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Township?

  • Includes measurable annual goals and short term objectives

  • Special education/related services and supplementary aids the child will receive

  • Read the IEP’s and know what each child needs

Multisensory strategies in the classroom
Multisensory Strategies in the Classroom Township?

  • Use ACE (Action, Color, Exaggeration) to enhance lessons

  • Simulation and role play add a kinesthetic dimension to learning

  • Rhyme, Rhythm and Music add an

    auditory dimension to learning


Resouces within hamilton
Resouces Township?within Hamilton